13-17 May 2019
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Europe/Zurich timezone

Poster contest

ESI2019 school participants have contributed to the school scientific programme with a 2-minute flash presentation on their work and a scientific poster. In total 65 posters were reviewed by the SOC members, based on the following criteria:

  • Flash presentation skill: how well and how clearly one is able to describe her/his work to a knowledgeable but non-expert audience in a very short time.
  • Scientific content of the poster: scope, methodology, results, relevance to the fields in particular, and scientific originality
  • Poster design: how well the information is organized and structured, are the illustrations (schematics, plots, photographs) intelligible, overall look.

The top four contributions were awarded the ESI2019 best poster award and have received a money prize of 325 euros:

  •  “Particle Identification using Photonic Crystals in LHCb” by Michele Piero Blago (PhD Student at CERN & University of Cambridge).
  • “Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Telescope Design” by Priyaben Patel (Young Graduate Trainee at ESA/ESTEC).
  • “Acquisition and signal processing techniques based on multi-GSPS ADC for particle beam position measurements” by Irene Degl'Innocenti (PhD student at CERN and University of Pisa).
  • “Test-Bed Telescope: Automated Detection & Follow-up of Asteroids & Space Debris” by Emma Stevenson (Young Graduate Trainee at ESA/ESOC).

Here are two checklists to improve your poster and presentation skills.
Poster checklist:

  • Full name (incl. first name)
  • Contact details
  • Picture of yourself
  • Good balance between text and pictures
  • Introduction / problem statement / solution / results
  • References / papers / website
  • QR code for paper / website
  • Modern / appealing design

Presentation checklist:

  • Clearly state your name at the beginning
  • Enthusiastic presentation
  • Put name on every slide
  • Not too much text on the slides
  • Introduction / problem statement / solution / results
  • Generate interest in the poster / leave some questions open
  • Stay within the time limit