13-17 May 2019
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Europe/Zurich timezone

A.I. Highlight topic

The highlight topic of this upcoming ESI is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.
A.I. is creeping more and more in our every day life but as been already in use and partly developed in the context of scientific instrumentation for the last decades. Indeed A.I. is playing a major role in supporting the development of overwhelming large scientific experiments and their associated datasets well-known to the EIROforum organizations, e.g. CERN's LHC, EUROfusion's ITER, ESO's upcoming E-ELT, and ESA's fleet of satellites.
During one dedicated afternoon, this highlight topic will be addressed through lectures by top A.I. experts from the EIROforum organizations and a hands-on session. More details will be made available to the school participants in due time.
We are pleased to announce that our lecturers are Lorenzo Moneta from CERN and Jose Martinez-Hera from Solenix.
Lorenzo Moneta is a senior applied physicist at CERN. He is leading the statistical and mathematical software developments for the ROOT Data Analysis Framework and he is an expert in machine learning, statistics  and its application in High Energy Physics. He will give Introduction to Deep Learning and its applications in Particle Physics.
Jose Martinez-Heras is a senior research engineer at Solenix GmbH working on-site at ESA/ESOC. Jose is experienced in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josemartinezheras/
He will give an Introduction to AI and Machine Learning.
More details can be found in the detailed programme for the Thursday 16th of April:
The A.I. sessions are co-organized by EIRO's instrumentation and IT working groups.

The A.I. session hands-on material: exercise guidelines, jupyter notebook & data are available online at this links:

SWAN CERN server access credentials will be available at the registration desk on Monday morning.