Oct 21 – 25, 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Call for papers is open! Please submit your paper!

NICA DAYS 2019 Organizing committee

The NICA days 2019 is organized by the Heavy-Ion Reaction Group at the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology and the Joint Institiute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.

The organizers can be reached with:

e-mail: tefenica@jinr.ru


Local Organizing Committee

M. J. Peryt (WUT Poland; JINR Dubna FR)
(Chairman of the Organizing Committee)

M. Milewicz-Zalewska (JINR Dubna RF)
(Secretary of the Organizing Committee)

M. Bielewicz, (NCBJ Poland; JINR Dubna RF)
M. Czarnynoga, (WUT Poland)
D. Dąbrowski, (WUT Poland; JINR Dubna RF)
E. A. Levterova, (JINR Dubna RF)
Ł. Graczykowski, (WUT, Poland)
P. Horodek, (IFJ Poland; JINR Dubna RF) 
M. A. Janik, (WUT Poland)
J. M. Pluta, (WUT Poland)
F. Protoklitow, (WUT Poland)

K. Rosłon, (WUT Poland; JINR Dubna RF; )