The Neutral Pion Radiative Width Measuerement: Results from PrimEx (Jlab))

Oct 16, 2020, 12:50 PM


Plenary report Section 4. Relativistic nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and high-energy physics. Plenary


Dr Ilya Larin (UMass / ITEP)Dr Victor Tarasov (ITEP)


The neutral pion two gamma decay amplitude is determined by the Chiral anomaly. Recent calculations made within Chiral Perturbation Theory predict this value at percent level accuracy. Precise determination of this decay width gives a possibility to check the theoretical calculations. The PrimEx experiment used the Primakoff effect to measure neutral pion radiative decay width. The final result of the PrimEx experiment performed in Hall-B at Jefferson Lab will be presented in the talk. The ongoing Primakoff-Eta experiment, measuring the eta meson radiative decay width at Jefferson Lab will be discussed as well. The project was supported in part by RFBR-18-02-00938.

Primary authors

Dr Ilya Larin (UMass / ITEP) Dr Victor Tarasov (ITEP)

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