Investigation of reaction cross section for beam of 8Li, 8He on 28Si, 59Co, 181Ta targets

Oct 15, 2020, 11:00 AM


Plenary report Section 2. Experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear reactions. Plenary


Viacheslav Samarin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)


Total reaction cross sections for interaction of ${}^8$Li and ${}^8$He secondary beam with ${}^{28}$Si, ${}^{59}$Co, ${}^{181}$Ta target nuclei in the energy range 25–45 A MeV were measured. Modified transmission method based on registration of prompt $n$, $\gamma$ radiation by a multi-detector $\gamma$-spectrometer [1, 2] was used. Energy dependences of total reaction cross sections were obtained. Theoretical analysis of experimental data was performed in the microscopic model based on numerical solution of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for the outer weakly bound neutrons of the projectile nucleus [3]. Agreement with experimental data was obtained. The role of the cluster structure of projectile nuclei [4] in the reaction mechanisms was analyzed.

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Primary author

Viacheslav Samarin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)


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