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July 28, 2020 to August 6, 2020
virtual conference
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Real-time flavour tagging selection in ATLAS

Jul 31, 2020, 12:10 PM
virtual conference

virtual conference

Talk 12. Operation, Performance and Upgrade of Present Detectors Operation, Performance and Upgrade of Present Detectors


Carlo Varni


In high-energy physics experiments, online selection is crucial to select interesting collisions from the large data volume. ATLAS b-jet triggers are designed to identify heavy-flavour content in real-time and provide the only option to efficiently record events with fully hadronic final states containing b-jets. In doing so, two different, but related, challenges are faced. The physics goal is to optimise as far as possible the rejection of light jets, while retaining a high efficiency on selecting b-jets and maintaining affordable trigger rates without raising jet energy thresholds. This maps into a challenging computing task, as tracks and their corresponding vertexes must be reconstructed and analysed for each jet above the desired threshold, regardless of the increasingly harsh pile-up conditions. We present an overview of the ATLAS strategy for online b-jet selection for the LHC Run 2, including the use of novel methods and sophisticated algorithms designed to face the above mentioned challenges. The evolution of the performance of b-jet triggers in Run 2 data is presented, including the use of novel triggers designed to select events containing heavy flavour jets in heavy ion collisions.

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