July 28, 2020 to August 6, 2020
virtual conference
Europe/Prague timezone

Newsletter - August 4

Today’s premiere sessions begin at 15:30 CEST to be convenient for attendees based in the Americas.

Message from the Director: Editorial team

I would like to thank you for all of the reactions to our newsletter - I do write “our” as the newsletter is not my work alone, as some might assume. While I am in charge of this Message from the Director, we have a team that takes care of the other content, and I would like to use today’s column to introduce them to you. Of course many more people also contribute by sharing their ideas, highlights, and interviews - let me thank all of them!

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Z. Dolezal M. Barrett J. Bielcik I. Carli
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L. Fiala J. Kvita V. Pleskot K. Soustruznik  
Matt Barrett, KEK, Japan, is active in computing, outreach, and diversity for the Belle II experiment. As the only native English speaker he is responsible for the final phrasing and more.

Jaroslav Bielcik, Czech Technical University in Prague, is interested in heavy flavour physics at heavy ion experiments (STAR, ALICE). He is co-chairing the outreach working group of the ICHEP2020 LOC.

Ina Carli, IHEP Beijing, China, is my former student working currently on the LHCb experiment - both detector and analysis. She is passionate about science outreach and communication.

Lukas Fiala, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, is a computer expert who prepared the template and mailing mechanism of the newsletter.

Jiri Kvita, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czechia, is active in the ATLAS top physics group. He was a top/EW parallel session convener.

Vojtech Pleskot, Charles University Prague, is an ATLAS Higgs physicist, he is co-chairing the outreach working group of the ICHEP2020 LOC, and is the Czech IPPOG delegate.

Karel Soustruznik, Charles University Prague, is a neutrino physicist active in NOvA and DUNE experiments.

Panel Discussions

The panel discussions start today at 14:00 CEST with two discussion sessions for Plenary I - please check the Agenda for the topics of the discussion rooms and also for the Zoom links. Remember that you can provide your questions to the speakers in advance via MatterMost.

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Recommended by… Marco Gersabeck, University of Manchester, LP2021 chair

“In today’s session, I’m particularly looking forward to the three talks on hadrons at the start of the plenary session. While states with more than three quarks have been predicted by Gell-Mann in 1964, they have only been established over the last five years. Together with recent discoveries such as doubly-heavy baryons and a whole host of exotic hadrons, this makes for a rapidly evolving field and I’m looking forward to today’s news.”

Recommended by… Ralph Engel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), spokesperson of the Pierre Auger Observatory

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ICHEP is a fantastic meeting for reviewing the status of high energy physics worldwide. While the parallel sessions have drawn experts of the respective fields to engage in in-depth discussions, a very broad audience is addressed in the plenary talks of this week. State-of-the-art reports are given in a way that is accessible to scientists working in many different fields of particle physics. Having this in mind I am particularly looking forward to the Tuesday session on cosmology, astroparticle physics and dark matter, which will show how closely modern astrophysical observations are connected to particle physics on all energy scales.

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ICHEP Interview: Heidi Schellman and Jiri Horejsi

How was the decision made to move ICHEP 2020 online? Heidi Schellman, Chair of the C11 IUPAP commission, and Jiri Horejsi, a former member of the commission from Czechia, talk about online vs. traditional conferences, the transformation of ICHEP2020 to an online only format, and how future conferences may be organised. Watch on YouTube.

What you Missed Yesterday

Our first plenary sessions took place yesterday, with the official opening ceremony and presentations from the LHC experiments and others. You can watch the presentations via YouTube and still participate in the panel discussions.

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Our public lecture “Understanding our Universe with Gravitational Waves” was given by Nobel laureate Barry Barish and moderated by Melissa Yexley, a PhD student from Lancaster University searching for SUSY at ATLAS. She did a great job during the 45’ Q&A section. Thanks a lot to both of you, Barry and Melissa! Watch the video on YouTube.

ERC application session

Attend this session to find out what the European Research Council is, who can benefit from its funding opportunities and what to expect in the application and selection process. The session will start at 13:30 CEST, no need to register.

View of an early career scientist: Melissa Maria Cruz Torres

Melissa Maria Cruz Torres is from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras: Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazán, Honduras

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ICHEP is definitely one of the most prestigious conferences in particle physics, where cutting-edge research results are presented. It gives me the opportunity to be aware how science is evolving, and hearing the work of brilliant people and collaborations being discussed is really enriching. Many exciting results are being presented including from the LHCb experiment, which I am part of. It is very well organized with timely emails with session details - I am particularly enjoying the replay sessions/youtube streams where I can watch talks that I have missed. I am connecting from home as we are still in quarantine in Honduras because of the pandemic. I am primarily interested in Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics, but also Beyond the Standard Model and Electroweak Physics. Actually, it is very easy to get passionate in every Physics field like Dark Matter detection!

The Social side of ICHEP

Check how much you know about the Czech Republic and Prague with our latest quiz!