Oct 26 – 29, 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Workshop Topics

The sheer volume of data, being acquired by modern research facilities, requires a new approach for acquiring, storing and analysing data. Traditional methods fail to cope with the amount of data, while novel concepts in machine learning offer exciting new possibilities to obtain more insight and extract knowledge from the data. This workshop will bring together experts in the relatively new field of Big Data from major European Research Facilities, to discuss the current status and future applications in the areas of:

Acquisition of big data

  • Challenges and strategies with optical detectors, high-energy detectors, radio-/sub-mm receivers
  • Telemetry data 
  • Intermediate storage, On-chip processing, Data transfer

Data storage & archiving

  • Storage solutions for large amounts of data
  • Indexing, archiving, long-term access
  • Data format, compatibility, metadata, linking

IT infrastructure

  • Storage
  • High-performance computing
  • High-throughput network
  • Cloud-based solutions (commercial / local)
  • Distributed computing
  • Synchronization / mirroring among sites

Application of Machine learning

  • Optimizing system design
  • Optimizing system performance / control loops / control algorithms
  • Monitoring system health & performance
  • Predictive maintenance / failure prevention / anomaly detection
  • Software packages for machine learning

Application of Data mining

  • High performance data analytics
  • Data representation & interpretation
  • Pattern identification, searching & matching
  • Requirements for future systems (e.g. which data to archive)
  • Finding new things in old data / how to derive understanding from data
  • Software packages for data analysis