Jun 28 – 30, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Talk Recordings

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following talks are those of the individual presenters and do not (necessarily) reflect the views of the organizing team of this workshop or of the institutions these individuals are affiliated to.

id presenter title length public video slides
    Impulse Talks        
37 Ken Hiltner Environmentally Sound, Socially Just, Academic Conferences 23:21 public video  
38 Alice Gathoni, Ambreena Manji Mobility, Inclusion and Academia 39:58 public video  
40 Mike Seidel Energy Efficiency of Accelerator-Driven Research Infrastructures 33:59 public video slides
36 Jan Rybizki Assessing the CO2 footprint on an institute level - more sustain-able science practice by cutting emissions in computing and fly-ing 33:51 public video slides
41 Dissertori, Kleiner, Lickiss, Louis, Myers Challenge for Institutions 59:35   video  
42 Johnson, Osei, Quevedo, Surya Social-Justice Dimension of Online Formats 64:11 public video  
    Input Talks: Best-Practice Examples        
34 Rogerio Rosenfeld Lessons learned from organizing online events 07:33 public video slides
31 Michael Spannowsky Reconnect 10:10   video slides
32 Steve Brice The Online Neutrino 2020 Conference 11:52 public video slides
35 Shaun Hotchkiss Can we do a better job communicating our research to each other? 09:44 public video  
30 Richard Anderson A retrospective on and lessons learned from ESO’s first e-conference,#H02020 11:49 public video slides
33 Rachel Grange Worldwide virtual conferences with local physical hubs 09:38 public video slides
    Input Talks: Sustainability Initiatives        
26 Valerie Lang Improving environmental sustainability in science 10:15 public video slides
27 Olga Tanaka Energy Recovery Linacs and sustainability 13:16      
28 Jonas Rademacker The environmental impact of LHCb 12:06   video slides
    Flash Talks: Online formats + software tools        
2 Andrey Mikhaylov Remote teaching and collaboration using MathPump and SVGServer 04:47 public video  
5 Nikolina Šarčević Paradigm shift or minor adjustments? A short overview of scientific meetings in the post-pandemic era 05:01 public video  
9 Lisa Glaser Quantum Gravity Across Approaches - A virtual seminar series 05:21 public video  
11 Eröncel, Şengör, Şimşek, Şentürk, Akai, Yürekl Towards constructing interactive virtual spaces 05:28 public video  
13 Samuel Calvet Feedback on GatherTown: a tool to make virual conferences moreconvivial 04:41      
18 Aaron Held A year on zoom: making use of the unique opportunity 05:50 public video  
19 Benjamin Krikler Reducing travel with online events: RemotelyGreen 04:52 public video  
20 Kristin Lohwasser Reducing travel: The need to go online and how to deal withthis 05:51 public video  
22 Van Bakel, Colijn, Muller, van Calmthout What is a conference? 02:00 public video  
25 Karolos Potamianos Connecting Scientists in a more Remote World 05:25 public video slides
    Flash Talks: Equity, diversity, inclusion + social justice + science and society        
3 Tomas Kasemets Science and activism 05:04 public video  
10 Sebastian Zell Working Online and Offline: A Vision of Diversity 06:22 public video  
12 Ayan Paul Discussions on Diversity – an academic approach 05:07 public video slides
15 Roberto Lineros The lawphysics initiative as a tool to communicate research inphysics 05:05 public video slides
23 Emma McKay, Hannah Wakeling Is sustainable HEP possible? The answer’s probably no. 04:57   video slides
    Flash Talks: Technical solutions + experiments        
4 Arturo Sanchez Pineda ATLAS Open Data and the mission of developing educational resources that run "everywhere" 05:47 public video  
6 Michael Johannes Dueren A Solar Bridge for Research Infrastructures 09:09 public video  
7 Emanuele Leonardi The remote monitor and control systems of the PADME experiment at the DAΦNE BTF 06:57 public video  
8 Patrick Koppenburg A solar powered CERN 04:27 public video slides
17 Sudhir Malik Software Training and Sustainable HEP 06:37 public video  
24 Tinku Sarkar-Sinha The Strategies for higher Sustainable future in HEP 05:46      
    Workshop Sessions        
43 Astrid Eichhorn Opening Remark 06:50   video  
44 Niklas Beisert Workshop Introduction 20:28 public video slides