A3D3 Kick-off meeting


The National Science Foundation (NSF), under the Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR) program, is providing funding to establish the Accelerated AI Algorithms for Data-Driven Discovery (A3D3) Institute, a multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed entity with the primary mission to lead a paradigm shift in the application of real-time artificial intelligence (AI) at scale to advance scientific knowledge and accelerate discovery. 

The A3D3 Institute was funded on 1 October 2021, and is ramping up its activities. This kickoff workshop brings together members and collaborators of the A3D3 to develop the activities which will be pursued in the five years of the Institute. The goal, motivation, deliverables, milestones, and timeline will be identified for each activity. We should leave the workshop with a comprehensive Project Execution Plan. This plan will be used to develop the Management Plan requested by the NSF due mid of December. 

A3D3 Kick-off meeting
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