Sep 18 – 22, 2022
Chania, Crete
Europe/Athens timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
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Abstracts are submitted here. Please indicate the type of contribution and the corresponding topic.

Available Topics:

  1. Applications:
    High Gradient Accelerators
    Discharge-based Devices
    Electrostatic Failure Mitigation
    Vacuum Interrupters
    Fusion relevant Applications

  2. Electron Emission
    Tunneling Theory
    Electron Emission Models and Beyond
    Field Emission from "Real" Surfaces
    Field Emission Measurements
    Electron Emission Spectroscopy

  3. Experiments and Diagnostics
    Vacuum Arcs
    RF and DC Breakdown
    Advanced Diagnostics
    Technologies for High Gradients

  4. Modeling and Simulations
    Arc Initiation and Evolution
    Plasma‐Material Interactions
    Surface Damage and Evolution
    Surface Modification from E and B Fields
    Dislocation Activity
    Cavity Condition and Evolution
    Numerical Methods (PIC‐DSMC, MD, KMC, etc.)

The call for abstracts is open
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