The future of solar modelling : From a Standard to a Modern view of the Sun

Gaël Buldgen (Université de Genève)

The Sun is one of the main calibrators of the theory of stellar structure and evolution, as well as a privileged laboratory of fundamental physics in conditions currently irreproducible in earthly laboratories. From the atomic scales at play in radiative transfer to the large scale turbulent convective motions, the exquisite data provided by spectroscopy, helioseismology and neutrino observatories has allowed us to test and challenge our vision of the internal structure of our star. And many problems remain, such as the extent of mixed zones, the opacity near the base of the convective envelope and the surface lithium abundance, to cite but three.

In this workshop, we wish to gather experts of solar modelling, specialized in key aspects such as, amongst others, the depiction of the solar plasma, its interaction with high energy radiation, or the infancy of our star and its influence on its current state. Our aim is to draw a complete picture of the state of affairs in solar modelling and devise strategies for new recipes of solar models. Due to the central position of the Sun in our modelling of solar-like stars, such revisions will trickle down to other astrophysical fields requiring accurate depictions of stellar structure and evolution.