Jul 17 – 21, 2023
University of Southampton Highfield Campus
Europe/London timezone

Travel Information

Travelling from airports to the University of Southampton       

1. From Southampton Airport: There are Unilink U1C buses every 15 mins at Airport Parkway Station stop. It takes around 15 mins from the airport to the Highfield Interchange stop where the SUSY2023 conference takes place. 

 2. From London Heathrow Airport: participants can go from Heathrow Airport to the University of Southampton by using public transport. 

  • National express can take you directly from Airport Terminal 1,2,3,4,5 to the Southampton city centre within 1 hr 55 mins. If your destination is terminal 1,2 or 3, you need to walk about 2-4 mins to Heathrow Central Bus Station. When you arrive at Heathrow Central Bus Station, buy a ticket and get on a National Express 204 Poole . If your destination is terminal 4, you need to take a red bus 490 to get to terminal 5 bus stop and wait for National Express 204 Poole there. If your destination is terminal 5, you need to walk about 3mins to bus stop at terminal 5 and wait for National Express 204 Poole. Your coach (204 Poole) will stop at the Southampton Coach Station (Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1BA). To get to the conference site, you can get on a Unilink U1A bus at the Asda & Marlands stop and it will take around 20 mins to the conference site, Highfield Interchange stop.  
  • If you would like to travel by trains, you can take a bus from Heathrow Central Bus Station to Reading bus station by RA1 RailAir Central Reading bus. Then, walk about 2mins to Reading train station. Take CrossCountry Bournemouth at Platform 7 to get to Southampton central station. When you arrive at the Southampton train station, you can get on the U1A Unilink bus to go to the conference site.  

3. London Gatwick Airport: Trains will take you from Gatwick Airport to the Southampton Central Station within 2 hours. Then you can get on the U1A Unilink bus to go to the conference site.  

We hope this travel guide can help you get to the conference site safely and smoothly. If you do not know where to go or what to do, using Google map in your phone is the best thing to do.

Local transportation

There are many options for you to travel by Unilink buses

1. You can buy pre-paid tickets from the Unilink Bus app. The price for single trip is £2.50 for an adult and £1.70 for a child. If you plan to travel many trips in a day you can go for Adult dayrider with £4.00 or Child dayrider with £3.00 . If you want to travel around Southampton multiple times in different days, you might choose Multipletrip 12 tickes which costs only £19.50 or if you travel as a group with your friends up to 5 people, you can buy Group Dayrider which costs £8.00, and you travel without additional cost by using this ticket Group Dayrider within the day you activate the ticket.

2. If you do not have any Unilink pre-paid tickets, you can directly use Credit/Debit cards on the buses like in many cities in Europe. This is called Tap on/Tap off. The rate for this method is the same as single trip and single dayrider in the 1st option. Do not forget to tap off before you leave the bus.

Please refer to the maps below.