24-28 October 2011
Hosted by TRIUMF, SFU and the University of Victoria at the Harbour Center - Downtown Vancouver
Canada/Pacific timezone

Contribution List

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Erik Mattias Wadenstein (Unknown)
24/10/2011, 10:15
Site Reports
Update of recent and current events at NDGF.
Mr Martin Bly (STFC-RAL)
24/10/2011, 11:00
Site Reports
The latest from the RAL Tier1.
Dr Michele Michelotto (INFN Padua & CMS)
24/10/2011, 11:15
Site Reports
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Site Report
Dr Helge Meinhard (CERN)
24/10/2011, 11:30
Site Reports
News from CERN since last meeting
Walter Schon
24/10/2011, 12:05
Site Reports
Site report GSI
Hung-Te Lee (Academia Sinica (TW))
24/10/2011, 12:20
Site Reports
Site report of ASGC.
Michel Jouvin (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR)), Pierrick Micout (CEA)
25/10/2011, 11:00
Site Reports
Site report of GRIF/LAL and GRIF/Irfu
Andrei Maslennikov (CASPUR)
27/10/2011, 10:00
Storage & Filesystems
Mr Roger Goff (DELL)
27/10/2011, 14:00
Computing & Batch Services
To be defined
Sandy Philpott (JLAB)
28/10/2011, 11:45