Tools for precision and discovery physics with top quarks



Council Chamber (Tue Afternoon) Filtration Plant (Wednesday sessions)
Eric Laenen (NIKHEF), Joey Huston (Michigan State University (US)), Markus Cristinziani (Universitaet Bonn (DE)), Michelangelo Mangano (CERN), Richard Cavanaugh (FNAL), Roberto Chierici (Universite Claude Bernard-Lyon I (FR))
This workshop, organized in collaboration with CTEQ and Fermilab's LPC, is dedicated to the top quark as a tool for the discovery of new physics, including a discussion of both the experimental and theoretical aspects.

Immediately following the Workshop, on Thursday July 19 the TOP LHC WG will hold its first plenary meeting, focused on SM studies of top quark production and properties. See

The Tuesday afternoon session will be held in teh Council Chamber. EVO is not available, but the session will be webcast. The Wednesday sessions will take place in the Filtration Plant, with regular EVO connection. Details on the broadcasts for both days will appear on the agenda page at the time of the meeting.
  • Adrian Signer
  • Alexander Mitov
  • Alinaghi Khorramian
  • Andreas Meyer
  • Andreas Scharf
  • Anna Kulesza
  • Antonio Onofre
  • Christian Schwinn
  • Christopher Neu
  • Emidio Gabrielli
  • Fabian Bach
  • Frank-Peter Schilling
  • Gennaro Corcella
  • Grégory Moreau
  • Jan Piclum
  • Jan Winter
  • Jeremy Andrea
  • Joey Huston
  • Jose A. R. Cembranos
  • Juan Antonio Aguilar-Saavedra
  • Kirill Melnikov
  • Maria Chiara Conidi
  • Martijn Gosselink
  • Matilde Castanheira
  • Michelangelo Mangano
  • Peter Uwer
  • Rhorry Graham Gauld
  • Rikkert Frederix
  • Suchita Kulkarni
  • Suharyo Sumowidagdo
  • Werner Bernreuther
  • Zoltan Trocsanyi