Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
The draft agenda items are as shown below. We welcome abstracts for these topics.

General Sessions:
• State of the art and current trends in Neutron Detection
• State of the art of MPGDs detection techniques
• State of the art of MPGDs detectors technology for Neutron Detection

Topical Sessions:
• Slow ND detection techniques with MPGDs
• Fast ND techniques with MPGDs
• Large areas neutron detectors with MPGD

Application Sessions:
• Portal & 2-D neutron imaging and Neutron directional detectors
• Neutron spectroscopy
• Homeland security & radiation safety
• Material science
• Reactor instrumentation
• Cosmic ray & neutron detection at ground level
• Special nuclear material detection (U, Pu, etc.)
• Time resolution for neutrons in Mega Joules lasers for fusion
The call for abstracts is closed.