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Aug 25 – 29, 2014
Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, Hungary
CET timezone
All manuscript submitted to the proceedings of WPCF 2014 are cordially invited to the online-only, free to read and free of charge journal JCEGI, to its first volume on Special Topics in High Energy Physics. Check the News for details.


International Advisory Committee

Local Organizing Committee

WPCF 2014 Conveners

M. Bleicher (Frankfurt, Germany), T. Csörgő (chair) (Wigner RCP) I. F. Barna (Budapest)
A. Bialas (Cracow, Poland), T. Novák (co-chair) (Károly Róbert College) W. Broniowski (Cracow)
W. Broniowski (Cracow, Poland), M. Csanád (secretary) (Eötvös University) P. Christakoglou (Amsterdam)
P. Christakoglou (NIKHEF, The Netherlands), M.I. Nagy (Eötvös University) M. Csanád (Budapest)
T. Csörgő (Budapest, Hungary), F. Nemes (Wigner RCP - CERN) L. P. Csernai (Bergen)
I. Dremin (Moscow, Russia), A. Ster (Wigner RCP) L. Jenkovszky (Kiev)
P. Danielewicz (MSU, USA), J. Sziklai (Wigner RCP) Yu. Karpenko (Frankfurt)
W. Florkowski (Cracow, Poland), Gy, Wolf (Wigner RCP) M. I. Nagy (Budapest)
Y. Hama (USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil),   H. Niewodamski (CERN)
T. Hirano (Tokyo, Japan),   T. Niida (Tsukuba)
K. Homma (Hiroshima, Japan),   W. Metzger (Nijmegen)
T. Humanic (OSU, USA),   Sandra S. Padula (Sao Paulo)
A. Kisiel (WUT, Poland),   Yu. Sinyukov (Kiev)
R. A. Lacey (Stony Brook, USA),   G. Verde (Catania)
R. Lednicky (Dubna, Russia),    
M. A. Lisa (OSU, USA),    
D. Miskowiec (GSI, Germany),    
S. S. Padula (UNESP, Brazil),    
J. Pluta (WUT-Krakow, Poland),    
S. Pratt (MSU, USA),    
Y. Sinyukov (BTPI-NAS, Ukraine),    
R. Snellings (Utrecht, The Netherlands),    
M. Sumbera (ASCR, Czech Rep.),    
G. Verde (INFN-Catania Italy),    
W. A. Zajc (Columbia, New York, USA)