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Aug 25 – 29, 2014
Károly Róbert College, Gyöngyös, Hungary
CET timezone
All manuscript submitted to the proceedings of WPCF 2014 are cordially invited to the online-only, free to read and free of charge journal JCEGI, to its first volume on Special Topics in High Energy Physics. Check the News for details.

Practical Information

Travel Information

The conference is held at Károly Róbert College

The address is: Gyöngyös, Mátrai út 36

A set of local maps has been uploaded to https://indico.cern.ch/event/300974/material/6/0.pdf

Please find below details how to reach the conference site.

Direct Bus Transport from Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest:

We have organize several buses between Budapest and Gyöngyös, for a cost of 9000 HUF/trip, roughly 29 EUR/transfer/person, after the first 32 participants  indicated their flight number, arrival and departure schedules at http://1drv.ms/1xt6BRx.

Each bus will leave from the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, Terminal 2. They will wait for the flights listed below and a hostess will collect the participants of WPCF 2014 with a name table and a WPCF 2014 logo at hand.

In order to pay for the bus transfer (and in some smaller shops, cafes), we recommend that you either change Hungarian Forints (HUF) before your travel, or withdraw cash from one of the ATM's located at the arrival gates of the Liszt Ferenc Airport. The cost for the transfers will be 9000 HUF cash for each ride, which is equivalent to about 29 EUR or 35 CHF (it is more expensive than we estimated, as only 30% of the participants registered for this service). The bus first will take you to the conference registration site, then it will take you to your particular hotel in Gyöngyös.

An English speaking hostess and a Hungarian speaking driver will come with each transfer bus/car. Please pay to the hostess, in cash, upon arrival to the conference registration site defined in the subsequent news item below.

  • On August 23, Saturday WPCF 2014 minibus will leave at  
    • 15:30. (bus, max 7 persons)
      • It will wait for flights KL1975, UA7736, W62410, AF1994. 
  • On August 24, Sunday,  the following WPCF 2014 buses are scheduled:
    • 10:30 (bus, max 7 persons)
      • It will wait for flights LH1334, LH1336
    • 14:30 (bus, max 7 persons)
      • It will wait for flights Austrian Airlines 713, QR209, DL9695, LO535, DY3550, LX2254 
    • 19:40 (bus, max 7 persons)
      • It will wait for flights KL1973, LX2258
    • 23:00 (car, max 3 persons) 
      • It will wait for flight AF1694
  • On August 25, Monday, the following WPCF 2014 cars are scheduled
    • 9:30 (car, max 3 persons)
      • It will wait for flights UA9006, LX2250
    • 19:30 (car, max 3 persons)
      • It will wait for flight KL1973

Note that this schedule and the cost of 9000 HUF/ride was based on the information we have received by 1pm, August 21, 2014. If you did not reply by then, but would like to use this service, please let the organizers know as soon as possible!

If you arrive off the main transportantion period, a simple choice is to pre-book a taxi to your hotel in Gyöngyös, reasonable cost range is 14 - 16 000 HUF. See, for example the following link:


If you take a cab from the airport to Gyöngyös without prebooking, please ask for the price ahead, it may be more expensive than you think.

You can also take a taxi at the airport to the Stadion Bus Station (Stadion Autóbusz Pályaudvar) in Budapest. During the day there are buses to Gyöngyös nearly every 30 minutes, as detailed at http://www.volanbusz.hu/en (see Domestic tickets / Buy online), and also in the table below.

If the last bus already left, you can still book a room in the nearby Hotel Danubius Hotel Arena (former Hotel Stadion), or in any other Budapest hotel of your preference and come to Gyöngyös, Hungary with a bus next morning.


Arrival by car:

From Budapest you can reach Gyöngyös on the Highway M3. (Note that you will have to pay for the usage of the highway at one of the gas stations). You should take exit Gyöngyös-Nyugat on the old county road 3, then in Gyöngyös turn left to route 24 to the direction of Mátra. You will find all the three hotels and the conference site very close to this road, called Mátrai út, and in particular when you drive to the Károly Róbert College, the conference site, follow this road untill you see a big new SPAR and the hills, then after the traffic lamp take the first turn to the left, find a parking lot behind the main building: you have arrived to the conference site.

Arrival by bus:

There is a regular bus connection between Budapest and Gyöngyös. From Budapest Stadion bus station take Budapest-Gyöngyös express bus. During the normal working hours, there is a bus nearly every 30 min.

The English language searcheable official bus time table is available here:


On Sunday, August 24 the first bus to Gyöngyös leaves at 5:45 am and the last bus leaves at 22:45.

The detailed timetable for this day is as follows (including the timetable for a Gyöngyös-Budapest trip):

From Bp.
to Gyöngyös
Duration   Departure
from Bp.
to Gyöngyös
Duration Departure
from Gyöngyös
to Bp.
from Gyöngyös
to Bp.
5:45 6:55 1:10   14:45 15:52 1:17 4:45 6:20   10:30 12:25
5:55 7:50 1:55   15:15 16:25 1:10 5:05 7:00   10:45 11:55
6:15 7:25 1:10   15:45 16:52 1:07 5:30 6:50   13:15 14:25
7:15 8:25 1:10   15:45 16:55 1:10 5:30 7:05   13:45 14:55
7:45 8:55 1:10   16:15 17:25 1:10 5:40 6:50   14:45 15:55
8:10 10:00 1:50   16:30 18:05 1:35 5:50 7:10   15:15 16:25
8:15 9:25 1:10   16:45 17:55 1:10 5:50 7:25   15:45 16:55
8:45 9:55 1:10   16:45 17:55 1:10 6:00 7:20   16:15 17:25
9:15 10:25 1:10   17:15 18:25 1:10 6:10 7:30   16:15 17:50
9:45 10:55 1:10   17:45 18:55 1:10 6:20 7:40   17:00 18:35
10:15 11:25 1:10   18:15 19:25 1:10 6:30 7:50   17:15 18:25
10:45 11:55 1:10   18:45 19:55 1:10 7:15 9:10   17:30 18:40
11:15 12:25 1:10   19:00 20:35 1:35 7:30 8:40   17:45 18:55
11:45 12:55 1:10   19:15 20:25 1:10 7:45 8:55   18:15 19:25
12:15 13:25 1:10   19:45 20:55 1:10 8:00 9:15   18:45 19:55
12:45 13:55 1:10   20:30 22:10 1:40 8:15 9:25   19:45 21:15
13:15 14:25 1:10   20:45 21:55 1:10 8:45 9:55   21:30 22:30
13:45 14:55 1:10   21:45 22:50 1:05 10:15 11:25      
14:15 15:25 1:10   22:45 0:10 1:25          

Arrival by train:

Take a train to the city of Gyöngyös at Eastern railway station ("Keleti pályaudvar"). Please change the train at Vámosgyörk. This option is inferoir to transfer by bus, if you happen to transfer from Budapest, because of the existence of direct and efficient, nonstop public bus connections between Budapest and Gyöngyös.



If you have not yet transferred your registration fee, please pay at the conference site.

You will have to pay both your due registration fee and your conference hotel expenses if you have reserved your hotel with us fere(you stay in Hotel Opal, Wine Hotel Sziluett or in Károly Róbert Hostel). You can pay by cash at the registration desk, or, pay by credit card without any extra surcharge from the connce. In case of technical difficulties, there will be ATM's available at the Karoly Robert College or at several banks in the city of Gyöngyös.  

Some Participants have already kindly transferred their participation fee  to the following account, thank you!

Account holder: Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Address: 1121 Budapest, Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 29-33.
Bank: Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury), 1139 Budapest, Váci u. 71.
Account number: 10032000-01731134-00000000
IBAN account number: HU15 1003 2000 0173 1134 0000 0000

General Information





The current official rates at the Hungarian National Bank are on the web. You can exchange money at the railway stations or in banks, and there are numerous ATMs, where you can access your money with a credit/debit card. There is one for example at Károly Róbert College.


Further Information