1-6 May 2016
Europe/Paris timezone


b hadrons lifetime, mixing and CPV

2 May 2016, 10:00
Riou/Planier (Marseille)



1 rue Neuve Saint Martin 13001 MARSEILLE - FRANCE


b hadrons lifetime, mixing and CPV: I

  • Sébastien Descotes-Genon (CNRS)

b hadrons lifetime, mixing and CPV: II

  • Sébastien Descotes-Genon (CNRS)

Presentation Materials

There are no materials yet.
Kristof De Bruyn (CPPM, Aix Marseille Université, CNRS/IN2P3, Marseille, France)
02/05/2016, 10:00
Carlos Vazquez Sierra (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))
02/05/2016, 11:00
Malcolm Bruce Skinner (Lancaster University (GB))
02/05/2016, 11:20
Terhi Tuuli Jarvinen (Helsinki Institute of Physics (FI))
02/05/2016, 11:40
Jacco Andreas De Vries (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
02/05/2016, 12:00
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