Sep 2 – 9, 2007
Victoria, Canada
Europe/Zurich timezone
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ROOT Graphics: status and future.

Sep 4, 2007, 11:20 AM
Lecture (Victoria, Canada)


Victoria, Canada

oral presentation Software components, tools and databases Software components, tools and databases


Mr Olivier Couet (CERN)


The ROOT graphical libraries provide support for many different functions including basic graphics, high-level visualization techniques, output on files, 3D viewing etc. They use well-known world standards to render graphics on screen, to produce high-quality output files, and to generate images for Web publishing. Many techniques allow visualization of all the basic ROOT data types, projected in different dimensions and coordinate systems and the production of high quality output for publication purposes. This paper will present the current status of the ROOT graphics including recent developments in 2D representations and the latest developments in the 3D area based on OpenGL. As OpenGL is becoming the standard cross-platform basic graphics package, the current work being done to base all ROOT screen rendered graphics (2D and 3D) on OpenGL will also be presented. Finally we will present some visualization techniques not (yet) available in the ROOT framework which might be of some interest in the future.

Primary author

Mr Olivier Couet (CERN)

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