4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Thermalization in the D1D5 Black Hole

7 Aug 2015, 16:50
East Partition (Alumni Cener)

East Partition

Alumni Cener

Field and String Theory Field and String Theory


Zaq Carson (The Ohio State University)


The traditional picture of a black hole as a point-like singularity with no structure at the horizon is known to emit Hawking radiation in a non-unitary fashion. The fuzzball proposal attempts to resolve this dilemma by treating the black hole as a large bound string state with structure at the horizon and a "bubble of nothing" in the interior. There has been much success in matching the microscopic structure of this model with known results from black hole thermodynamics, though a detailed description of black hole formation has not yet been found. As a step towards this, we look at the process of an infalling quanta reaching the black hole and thermalizing, allowing it to be re-emitted later as low-energy Hawking radiation.
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Primary authors

Dr Samir Mathur (The Ohio State University) Shaun Hampton (The Ohio State University) Zaq Carson (The Ohio State University)

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