4-8 August 2015
America/Detroit timezone

Thermal Corrections to Renyi Entropies on the n-Sphere

7 Aug 2015, 17:15
East Partition (Alumni Cener)

East Partition

Alumni Cener

Field and String Theory Field and String Theory


Michael Spillane (Stony Brook University)


Interest in entanglement entropy and its generalization Renyi entropy is growing due to its applications in a variety of fields in physics, from quantum computation and phase transitions to black hole physics and holography. In this talk I will discuss the effects of a small finite temperature on both measures of entanglement. The primary focus will be on calculating corrections for a free fermion on an n-sphere. Via conformal maps and a Boltzmann expansion of the density matrix, the corrections can be related to a specific two point function on a conical space. This work expands on previous work in Refs. arXiv:1407.1358 and arXiv:1411.6505.
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Primary authors

Christopher Herzog (Stony Brook University) Michael Spillane (Stony Brook University)

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