January 24, 2016 to February 2, 2016
Weizmann Institute of Science
Israel timezone
Get together and buffet dinner: Sunday, 24th, 19:30, at Lopatie Conference Center

Application to attend the school


Important notice: if you don't get confirmation of your application within 3 business days, please send it again to Daniel.Lellouch@weizmann.ac.il

Application to attend the school 

The school is organized so that every group of four students performs all the exercises with the equipment dedicated to that exercise. This means that the number of students is limited and admittance to the school is therefore via a selection procedure.

Application for acceptance opens: August 15, 2015
Application for acceptance closes: October 31, 2015

The tuition fee is 625 euros and it covers accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks (25 January thru' 2 February and breakfast on 3 February), a reception and a dinner and tour on the day-off. For a limited number of applicants who do not have any means of finance from their home institute, tuition might be reduced or waived by the organisers.

So, please send your application as early possible: for the benefit of both you, the student, and the hosting institute.

In order to apply for the school, please:
- Write your CV by editing this document and email it as an attachment to the following address: isotdaq@weizmann.ac.il.
- Ask one of your advisors to send a recommendation letter to the same e-mail address (isotdaq@weizmann.ac.il) with your name in the subject.

Please remember that the selection will be based on your CV and recommendation letter.

Only after an applicant has been accepted, will he/she be requested to register.