January 24, 2016 to February 2, 2016
Weizmann Institute of Science
Israel timezone
Get together and buffet dinner: Sunday, 24th, 19:30, at Lopatie Conference Center

Other useful information

Other useful information


You can find an ATM and a currency exchange at the airport, close to door 03.

On campus, there is an ATM available in the Jubilee Plaza which works with foreign accounts. Ask us how to get there. Another one is located in the San Martin residence.

Getting around

A car is not needed during the school. If you plan to travel before or after you can either rent a car or use public transportation. Keep in mind there are no public buses or trains during the weekend: Friday afternoon until Saturday after dark. However, the main lines are operated by private minibuses.

Also, visit the Israel railways website for more information. There is a train station a short walk from the Institute, and for longer distances (e.g. Haifa, Be’er-Sheva) it is faster and nicer than the bus system.

Work week

The work week in Israel is Sunday-Thursday. Sunday is a regular work day. Most businesses will be closed from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening, including public transportation and some restaurants.


In January, temperatures in Rehovot and Tel-Aviv are usually between 5-18 oC. The average rain fall in Tel-Aviv in January is 146 mm.  Click here for a fairly reliable long term forecast.

Note: In Jerusalem and in other high places the temperatures may drop below freezing.

Time zone

We are an hour ahead of central Europe. UTC/GMT +2 hours.


Almost everybody in Israel can speak English. People are usually very friendly and happy to help. Beware! Avoid embarrassing comments in any language. The probability that the person in front of you understood what you said is higher than what you think.


Electricity in Israel is 230 VAC, 50 Hz. A standard 2-pin European plug will fit most sockets. Three-pin plugs require an adapter that can be purchased locally.


Smoking is prohibited in public buildings, restaurants, cafés, etc..


The currency in the State of Israel is the New Israel Sheqel (NIS). Almost all businesses in Israel honor major credit cards.  The current (January 2016) exchange rates are: 1 Euro = 4.28 NIS;  1 US dollar = 3.93 NIS.


 It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers unless they carry luggage or parcels for you.

10% of your bill is a customary tip at restaurants. Sometimes service is added to the bill. Don’t pay twice! Almost all hotel prices include a 15% service charge, so anything additional you wish to leave is totally voluntary.

Other things to do and see

Rehovot is about half an hour from Jerusalem, and half an hour from Tel Aviv, so there are a lot of things to do and see within a short driving time. Ask any one of us if you are interested in sight seeing or day trips. Note that the conference tour will visit the Old City of Jerusalem. (It will not include the Dead Sea. Including it was felt to be too much for one day.)

If you are interested in visiting the “City that Never Sleeps”  (Tel Aviv)  (30 minutes by taxi or train) nice and fun places to visit are  Neve-Tzedek (the old Tel Aviv), ancient Jaffa, Sarona  (former German Templer colony recently restored ), Hatahana and the Tel Aviv port complex .