Quarkyonic matter, from theory to experiment

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Other Institutes

Central China Normal University 9409 College of Physical Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan 430079, China
Larry McLerran (BNL), Nu Xu (LBNL), Robert Pisarski (Brookhaven National Lab.), Toru Kojo (Central China Normal University)
This workshop provides an extended discussion on the QCD phase structure at high baryon density, from a cold dense matter to a quark-gluon plasma at high baryon density. In particular we plan to deal with topics related to "quarkyonic" matter, a matter intermediate between nuclear matter and quark matter at weak coupling. The researchers working on any of the following subjects are encouraged to participate: 1. On the nature of the hadron to quark matter phase transitions 2. Signatures for the 1st order chiral phase transition and the critical end point 3. Astrophysical implications for the QCD phase transition 4. Exotic phases, low energy and thermal excitation modes 5. Methods of computations for dense QCD matter, tests in QCD-like theories 6. Nuclear regime, nuclear forces in QCD Costs for coffee breaks and meals will be covered by the workshop organizers. If you need VISA, please download "InvitationLetterForm" and send it to "maya@mail.ccnu.edu.cn" after filling necessary information. The deadline for registration: Sep. 15, 2016.
  • Akio Tomiya
  • Alexei Tsvelik
  • Bing-feng Jiang
  • Bowen Xiao
  • Defu Hou
  • Efrain Ferrer
  • Gaoqing Cao
  • Hyun Kyu Lee
  • Jinghua Fu
  • Jingyi Chao
  • JunShuai Wang
  • Koichi Hattori
  • Lianyi He
  • Mingmei Xu
  • Naoki Yamamoto
  • Ning Yu
  • Nu Xu
  • Paolo Bartalini
  • Robert Pisarski
  • Shu Lin
  • Stefano Carignano
  • Swagato Mukherjee
  • Toru Kojo
  • Vivian Incera
  • Xianghai Liu
  • Xianming Liu
  • Xu-Guang Huang
  • Yanling Li
  • Yasuki Tachibana
  • Ye-Yin Zhao
  • Yong-Liang Ma
  • Yoshimasa Hidaka
  • Zhigang Xiao