2nd HiLumi Industry Day

Auditorium (Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon)


Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon

Congress Centre

Two upcoming industrial events in connection with the major CERN project for the next decade, the High Luminosity LHC project (HL-LHC), will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 31 October 2016 and in the United Kingdom in March 2017.

These events follow the previous industrial workshop “HiLumi LHC goes to Industry” held at CERN in June 2015. Leading companies in the fields of superconductivity, cryogenics, power electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, ultra-high vacuum or radiofrequency will meet HL-LHC project engineers to explore the technical and commercial challenges emerging from the design and procurement of the LHC upgrade accelerator, and to match them with state-of-the-art industrial solutions.

This initiative is structured as an event connecting CERN with the potential industrial partners facing the High Luminosity LHC specific technical challenges. It aims to foster R&D collaborations and knowledge exchange, preparing the field for the deployment of the European commercial potential.

In the morning, the opening ceremony and presentation of the HL-LHC project will be followed by several technical presentations that will detail the main technology domains as well as construction and procurement challenges. The timeline of the procurement to come, and the commercial framework talk will give another opportunity for further discussions.

In the afternoon, business to business meetings on topics relevant to the HL-LHC project will be arranged according to participant interests. In order to ease the organization of this session, participants are invited to sign-up though the registration form.

Companies willing to attend this event in Lisbon are kindly invited to register before Friday 30 September 2016.

Should you have doubts about your eligibility, please get in touch with your ILO beforehand. CERN reserves the right to accept or not your registration. You will receive a confirmation of your participation by Friday 7 October 2016. Please note that a maximum of two representatives per company will be accepted as places are limited.

More information on HL-LHC and future procurement needs can be found on the Industry Relations and Procurement website for the HL-LHC project.









  • Abdulkadir Aktas
  • Adam Strapec
  • Adriano Baronchelli
  • Ahmet Sert
  • Alessandro Calcagno
  • Alexandre Bernardino
  • Aliaksandr Navitski
  • Amadeu Almeida
  • Ambra Gresele
  • Ana Campos
  • Ana Reis
  • Anders Hjerrild
  • Anders Unnervik
  • Andrea Ceracchi
  • Andrea Lanaro
  • Andreas Gougas
  • Angel Garcia
  • Antoine Dael
  • Antonio Jose Martinez Garcia
  • Antonio Miragaia
  • António José Arsénio dos Santos Costa
  • Arlindo Oliveira
  • Arnstein Frømyr
  • Arnulf Aannestad
  • Athanasios Dakas
  • Barbara Noppinger
  • Bjørn Simen Ljønes
  • Bruno Carvalho
  • Carel van de Beek
  • Carlos Boto
  • Carlos Neves
  • Cecile Noels
  • Cees Coolen
  • Christoph Ross
  • Concepción Martinez Sánchez
  • Cristian Cristescu
  • Daniel Marchante
  • Dario Rizzetto
  • Delio Duarte Ramos
  • Diego Ruaro
  • Eduard Kosykh
  • Eduardo Alvarez
  • Eduardo Cano Corral
  • Edward Jost
  • Eivin Strømland
  • Emir Sirage
  • Etienne Carlier
  • Eugenio Cavanna
  • Ezio Todesco
  • Fabio Giglione
  • Felix Rodriguez Mateos
  • Fernando Mirapeix
  • Filipa Coelho
  • Filipe Arede
  • Florian Reuter
  • Francisco Sanchez Galan
  • Francisco Silva
  • Frederick Bordry
  • Frode Ilebekk
  • Fábio Silva
  • Giorgio Corniani
  • Grzegorz Michalski
  • Gustavo Sarmiento
  • Gürkan Yilmaz
  • Hector Garcia Gavela
  • Henri Wijnants
  • Herve Prin
  • Inigo Lamas Garcia
  • Irene Ferreira
  • Isabel Bejar Alonso
  • Isabel Ribeiro
  • Jacob Hougaard
  • Jaime Perez Espinos
  • Jan Schauder
  • Jean Estevenin
  • Jean Luc Lancelot
  • Jean-Claude Cercassi
  • Jean-Marc Malzacker
  • Jere Välimaa
  • Jerome Pierlot
  • Joao Carlos Letra Simoes
  • Jody Binotto
  • Jorge Batita da Cruz
  • Jose Manuel Bedia
  • Jose Santos Victor
  • José Ignacio Viejo Hernando
  • José Santos
  • José-Miguel Jimenez
  • João Fernandes
  • João Noite
  • Julie Bellingham
  • Julio Lucas
  • Kadir Merdin
  • Karl-Heinz Reuter
  • Laurent Delprat
  • Lauro D'Angelo
  • Leona Lilford
  • Lorena Freiria
  • Louis Serneels
  • Lucio Rossi
  • Luke McKinlay
  • Manuel Moreno Ballesteros
  • Marcel Keezer
  • Marcela Caballero
  • Marco Antonacci
  • Marco Dani
  • Marco Portesine
  • Marco Silva
  • Mario Pimenta
  • Markus Debes
  • Martin Townsend
  • Mathieu Breukers
  • Matthias Stoll
  • Maurizio Carlotto
  • Michael Gehring
  • Michel Hübner
  • Miguel Santos
  • Murat Merdin
  • Mónica Requejo
  • Nicolaas Kos
  • Niels Beers
  • Norbert Sluijter
  • Nuno Oliveira-Martins
  • Nuno Roma
  • Oguz Deniz Merdin
  • Ole Petter Nordahl
  • Ozan Eryilmaz
  • Paolo Romano
  • Patricia Cuadrado García
  • Patricio Domingues
  • Paulo Chaves
  • Paulo Gomes
  • Paulo Lino
  • Pavel Hedbavny
  • Pedro Chitas
  • Pedro Saura
  • Rafael Iturbe
  • Rama Calaga
  • Raquel Rodriguez
  • Raymond Veness
  • Ricardo Patricio
  • Rob Klöpping
  • Roberto Cometti
  • Roberto Losito
  • Robin Coudeyras
  • Rodrigo Pascoal
  • Roman Zouhar
  • Rosario Principe
  • Rossi Mendez
  • Rui Melício
  • Rui Semide
  • Sander Kossen
  • Sandra Tavares
  • Santiago Sanz
  • Sergio Rivera
  • Sergio Tavares
  • Sinan Danacioglu
  • Steffen Schneiders
  • Steve Jeffery
  • Sven Wacker
  • Telmo Fernandes
  • Tero Pikkusilta
  • Thorsten Frank
  • Tiago Pardal
  • Tim Smith
  • Tor Nordheim
  • Torbjørn Kågen
  • Torstein Rasmussen
  • Yildiz Moldosanova
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