May 12 – 17, 2019
Korea University
Asia/Seoul timezone

Welcome to NPKI (New Physics @ Korea Institute) which is an e-Institute launched in 2012. We are organizing the 4th NPKI workshop. The workshop aims to bring together a mix of theorists working on all aspects of beyond the standard model physics as well as experimenters. We plan a relaxed program with ample time for discussions. The total number of participants will be limited to around 40 to ensure informality. The workshop registration fees for participants are 100,000KRW (by cash only).

Korea University
B1, Global Conference Room
Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall, Seoul, Korea (see the map of workshop venue below)

Organizing Committee:

Csaba Csaki (Cornell)

Christophe Grojean (DESY)

Matthew Klimek (Korea / Cornell)

Gabriel Lee (Korea / Cornell)

Seung J. Lee (Korea)

Gilad Perez (Weizmann)

Minho Son (KAIST)


Workshop Coordinator:

June Kim (CPR/NPKI)


Sponsored By:

BK21 plus Korea University Physics

CERN-Korea Committee (CKC)

Institute of Basic Science (Korea U.)


Particle Physics Group (Korea U.)