10-17 July 2019
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New Einstein-Hilbert type action for space-time and matter - Nonlinear-supersymmetric general relativity(NLSUSYGR) -

12 Jul 2019, 17:30
ICC - Baeckeland 1 (Ghent)

ICC - Baeckeland 1


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Prof. Kazunari Shima (Saitama Institute of Technology)


We can perform the geometric argument of general relativity principle on (unstable) Riemann space-time just inspired by nonlinear representation of supersymmetry(NLSUSY), whose tangent space is specified by Grassmann degrees of freedom ψ of SL(2,C) besides the ordinary Minkowski one xa of SO(1,3) and obtain straightforwardly new Einstein-Hilbert(EH)-type action with global NLSUSY invariance (NLSUSYGR)) equipped with the cosmological term. Due to the NLSUSY nature of space-time NLSUSYGR would breaks down(Big Collapse) spontaneously to ordinary E-H action of graviton, NLSUSY action of Nambu-Goldstone fermion ψ and their gravitational interaction. Simultaneously the attractive gravitational force would constitute the NG fermion-composites corresponding to the eigenstates of liner-SUSY(LSUSY) super-Poincare space-time symmetry, which gives a new paradigm for the unification of space-time and matter.
By linearizing NLSUSY we show that the standard model(SM) of the low energy particle physics can emerge in the true vacuum of NLSUSYGR as the NG fermion-composite massless eigenstates of LSUSY super-Poincare algebra of space-time symmetry, which can be understood as the ignition of the Big Bang and continues naturally to the standard Big Bang model of the universe.
NLSUSYGR paradigm can bridge naturally the cosmology and the low energy particle physics and provides new insights into unsolved problems of cosmology, SM and mysterious relations between them, e.g. the space-time dimension four, the origin of SUSY breaking, the dark energy and dark matter, the dark energy density≃( neutrino mass)4, the tiny neutrino mass, the three-generations structure of quarks and leptons, the rapid expansion of space-time, the magnitude of bare gauge coupling constant, etc..
[Ref.] K. Shima, Invited talk at Conference on Cosmology, Gravitational Waves and Particles, 6-10, January, 2017, NTU, Singapore.. Proceedings of CCGWP, ed. Harald Fritzsch, (World Scientific, Singapore, 2017), 301.
K. Shima Invited talk at 14th Rencontres du Vietnam on Windows on the Universe, 25th Anniversary, 8/5-11, 2018, Quy Nhon, Vietnam. Proceedings of Windows on the Universe, ed. Jacques Dumarchez. at press.

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Prof. Kazunari Shima (Saitama Institute of Technology)

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