3rd HiLumi Industry Day - May 2017 - Warrington - United Kingdom

Royal Suite (The Park Royal, Warrington)

Royal Suite

The Park Royal, Warrington


One upcoming industrial event in connection with the major CERN project for the next decade, the High Luminosity LHC project (HL-LHC), will be held at the Park Royal in Warrington, United Kingdom on 22-23 May 2017.

This event follows the 2nd HiLumi Industry Day held in Lisbon in October 2016. Leading companies in the fields of superconductivity, cryogenics, power electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, ultra-high vacuum or radiofrequency will meet HL-LHC project engineers to explore the technical and commercial challenges emerging from the design and procurement of the LHC upgrade accelerator, and to match them with state-of-the-art industrial solutions.

This initiative is structured as an event connecting CERN with the potential industrial partners facing the High Luminosity LHC specific technical challenges. It aims to foster R&D collaborations and knowledge exchange, preparing the field for the deployment of the European commercial potential.

In the morning, the presentation of the HL-LHC project will be followed by several technical presentations that will detail the main technology domains as well as construction and procurement challenges. The timeline of the procurement to come, and the commercial framework talk will give another opportunity for further discussions.

In the afternoon and on the following morning, CERN to Business and Business to Business meetings on topics relevant to the HL-LHC project will be arranged according to participant interests. In order to ease the organization of this session, participants are invited to sign-up though the registration form.

On Monday evening, the participants will have the opportunity to prolonge their discussions during the networking drinks reception which will be held in the Royal Suite Foyer after the meetings.

Companies willing to attend this event in Warrington are kindly invited to register before Friday 31 March 2017.

Should you have doubts about your eligibility, please get in touch with your ILO beforehand. CERN reserves the right to accept or not your registration. You will receive a confirmation of your participation by Friday 7 April 2017. Please note that a maximum of two representatives per company will be accepted as places are limited.

Furthermore, a site visit to the Daresbury Laboratory will be hosted by STFC during the afternoon of Tuesday 23 May. This visit will incorporate a networking lunch and presentation about the site. A selection of tours will follow including visits to the Engineering Technology Centre (ETC – they provide integrated engineering solutions for STFC programmes and facilities, campus tenants and other stakeholders), Campus Technology Hub (CTH - a purpose-built engineering facility), The Tower to visit some of the accelerators on site and the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC). Please sign up through the registration form. Transport will be provided from the hotel to the Daresbury Laboratory if required.

More information on HL-LHC and future procurement needs can be found on the Industry Relations and Procurement website for the HL-LHC project.









  • Adam Horridge
  • Adam Sells
  • Alan Crow
  • Alan Silverman
  • Alan Wheelhouse
  • Alberto Garbayo
  • Alberto Martinez
  • Alberto Perez
  • Alex Estevez
  • Alexandra Alexandrova
  • Alikaan Ciftci
  • Allanah Bayliss
  • Amy Bilton
  • Anders Unnervik
  • Andrea Lanaro
  • Andreas Gougas
  • Andrew Hales
  • Andrew Vago
  • Andy Hassall
  • Angel Garcia
  • Anna Hall
  • Anthony Gleeson
  • Armand Hattat
  • Arnaud Foussat
  • Asier Alfonso Ares
  • Augustina Radulescu
  • Ben Francis
  • Bertrand Nicquevert
  • Calum Courtney
  • Can Batın Ozkan
  • Carel van de Beek
  • Carsten Peter Welsch
  • Cecile Noels
  • Cees Coolen
  • Chris Easton
  • Christer Herrström
  • Christian Hannes Loffler
  • Christopher Vowles
  • Colin Smith
  • Concepción Martinez Sánchez
  • Craig Mogford
  • Dale Gwinnutt
  • Daniel Marchante
  • David Williams
  • Delyth Lloyd
  • Donna Pittaway
  • Dusan Cani
  • Edgar Rayner
  • Edward Jordan
  • Eladio Montoya
  • Emyr Rees
  • Engin Gozukucuk
  • Ezio Todesco
  • Felix Rodriguez Mateos
  • Fiona Kerr
  • Francisco Javier Fariñas
  • Gavin Watt
  • Germana Riddone
  • Giuliana Manzin
  • Giuseppe Razzano
  • Glenn Privett
  • Graeme Burt
  • Graham Wingate
  • Grant Munro
  • Guido Giorgi
  • Guillaume Coccia
  • Guillermo Barredo
  • Hakan Kiziltoprak
  • Hector Garcia Gavela
  • Heike Ritter
  • Henri Wijnants
  • Ian Hastings
  • Imre Sima
  • Irene Martín
  • Isabel Bejar Alonso
  • Ivo Lobmaier
  • Jack Torode
  • Jamie Rhodes
  • Jan Hansen
  • Jan Schauder
  • Jan Visser
  • Jeremy Kemsley-Pein
  • Joaquín Cabezas
  • Johannes Schimpelsberger
  • John F Lewis
  • John Falch
  • John Wilkes
  • Jon Otaegi
  • Jonas Rosén
  • José Ignacio Viejo Hernando
  • Julie Gilbert
  • Juliette Forneris
  • Jérôme Pierlot
  • Krzysztof Brodzinski
  • Lars Nilsson
  • Laura Sewell
  • Laurent Jean Tavian
  • Leona Lilford
  • Lewis MacFarlane
  • Louis Serneels
  • Lucio Rossi
  • Luis Alberto Ortega
  • Malcolm Hohls
  • Manuel Moreno Ballesteros
  • Marc Souto Gassó
  • Marcel Fuerst
  • Marcela Caballero
  • Marcos Fabian Alazraki
  • Marcus Rutherford
  • Mark Butcher
  • Mark Gallilee
  • Mark Glynn
  • Martin Hodges
  • Martin Townsend
  • Mathieu Breukers
  • Mats Larsson
  • Mats Ohlsson
  • Matthew Goldsworthy
  • Matthias Stoll
  • Meredith Shirey
  • Michael Daly
  • Michael Salt
  • Miguel Castano
  • Miguel Lino Diogo dos Santos
  • Mikael Vieweg
  • Monika Sitko
  • Musfik Yadigar
  • Natalia Mejlszenkier
  • Natasa Pahlm
  • Neil Bartlett
  • Nicholas Smith
  • Nick Murby
  • Nicky Bladen-Hovell
  • Nils Hassel
  • Oliver Aberle
  • Oliver Payne
  • Patricia Sanz
  • Paul Collier
  • Paul Davies
  • Paul Dorrington
  • Paul Hawes
  • Paul Hulse
  • Paul Nolan
  • Paul Shore
  • Paul Wiggins
  • Pavel Hedbavny
  • Peter Astbury
  • Peter Forrest
  • Peter Francis
  • Peter Mako
  • Peter Mcintosh
  • Peter Ratoff
  • Peter Roth
  • Phil Bocking
  • Philip Patrick Allport
  • Philippe Xavier
  • Pierre-Yves JULIEN
  • Quentin Gambier
  • Raam Shanker
  • Rafael Iturbe
  • Ramon Sarasua Irure
  • Raquel Rodriguez
  • Ravot Frederic
  • Raymond Veness
  • Reimund Lotz
  • Richard Davies
  • Richard Patrick
  • Robert Appleby
  • Robert Copley
  • Robert Gabrielczyk
  • Roberto Cometti
  • Rupert Gordon
  • Russell Magee
  • Samuel Leveque
  • Santiago Sanz
  • Shrikant Pattalwar
  • Sophie Catuogno
  • Stefanie Quak-Langeslag
  • Stephanie Hills
  • Stephen Lawes
  • Stephen Loader
  • Stephen Small
  • Stuart McKenzie
  • Subomi Latinwo
  • Susie Lynn
  • Tahmina Aziz
  • Tamara Leitan
  • Tara Shears
  • Thomas Jones
  • Tim Bestwick
  • Tim Hawley-Jones
  • Tim Smith
  • Tom Houlden
  • Tom Nicholas
  • Tom Parr
  • Trevor Nicholls
  • Tugrul Gürel Poyraz
  • Victor Romeo
  • Vittorio Parma
  • Yifeng Yang
3rd HiLumi Industry Day
HL-LHC Secretariat
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