15-16 March 2018
Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec
Europe/Zurich timezone

CERN - Unique devices manufactured in ZTS VVU Kosice, a.s.

15 Mar 2018, 14:10
Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec

Grandhotel**** Stary Smokovec

Starý Smokovec 38 High Tatras, Slovakia


Dusan Cani (ZTS VVU)


This presentation gives a picture of cooperation between a Slovak industry company and CERN from a point of view different from the research of elementary particles and also demonstrates what is necessary to do before physicists can start to work with their particle accelerator.
ZTS VVU Kosice a.s., the research and development company, with its more than a fifty-year history, was founded in 1976 as a division of the VSS Kosice, a well-known East Slovakia machinery giant. In 1981 the company was separated as an independent, state-controlled research and development institute with its trade name ZTS VVU Kosice a.s. In 1992 company became 100% privatized.
The main company’s activities are developing and manufacturing equipment and devices for wide industry range, with special focus on robotics, transport system, processing of nuclear waste, etc.
Collaboration with CERN as well as participation in Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) building process are one of the most important company’s activities. The cooperation with CERN started in 2001 and it is continuing up to present.
In the past fifteen years, ZTS VVU Kosice has successfully realized a few projects for CERN. As the result of this cooperation, the company was awarded the Golden Hadron prize in the category "The best machinery supplier" on the LHC project during the LHC building process. This presentation gives a brief overview of both the ZTS VVU - CERN cooperation and the products delivered to CERN. Going through the interesting images taken by ZTS VVU workers during the working process in the LHC tunnel, it will be possible to see the work which had preceded launching an amazing giant machine such as the LHC.

About the speaker:
Ing. Dusan Cani is educated as electronics engineer and he is working for the ZTS VVU company as a research and development worker for control systems and electronics modules. Since 1982, as an electronics developer and project manager, he has participated in many projects realized by ZTS VVU Kosice. As a project manager he has also worked on all projects realized for CERN. He was the member of the team which installed both the very first and the very last cryomagnets in the LHC tunnel. He also worked for CERN on the study of the future generation accelerator - Compact Linear Collider.

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