Apr 16 – 20, 2018
Kobe University Convention Centre / Kobe International Conference Center
Asia/Tokyo timezone

Rare top quark production in CMS: ttW, ttZ, ttgamma, tZ, tgamma, and tttt production

Apr 17, 2018, 11:50 AM


WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours WG5: Physics with Heavy Flavours


Su Yong Choi (Korea University (KR))


A comprehensive set of measurements of top quark pair and single top quark production in association with EWK bosons (W, Z or ɣ) is presented. The results are compared to theory predictions and re-interpreted as searches for new physics inducing deviations from the standard model predictions using an effective field theory approach. The status of the search for four top quark production, to which the LHC experiments are starting to be sensitive, and that has important BSM re-interpretations, is also reported.

Primary author

Su Yong Choi (Korea University (KR))


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