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öBot Bootcamp - electronics and embedded systems in rapid product development

3179-r-00 (CERN)



Moises Neves (Porto DF)

öBot is an intensive introduction to prototyping with sensors, integrated circuits and actuators. It is designed to function parallel to a bigger product development project like ME310 (Sugar) and CBI @ CERN, in order to give the students essential skills for using advanced electronics in their prototypes. öBot is a five-day exercise; the first day will be introductory lectures and hands-on exercises, and the following 4 days will be using project-based learning in mixed teams of 5-6 students with a help of an expert team tutoring and assisting the students.


On Monday, each team will receive a customized tasks describing a set of input / output activities they have to implement during the week in a form of a self-contained unit (“öBot”). The building process is supported by inspirational visits to CERN workshops, laboratories and experimental spaces. The students are encouraged to use recycled material as parts of their prototypes. On the last day, the teams will present their results to a jury consisting of experts from the teaching team and CERN experts. The jury evaluates each product according to the starting criteria (defined inputs / outputs) and their creative implementation.


The robots will be presented 14.00 - 16.00 on Friday, 12.1.



The resulting robots from the 2016 event are introduced in videos at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnc6cSYC_gRT31yfa3KjbxaOeC2EtBTge


OBOT 2018