Apr 3 – 12, 2019
Royal Holloway, University of London
Europe/London timezone

Tutors and their labs

A preliminary list of the labs to be offered can be found below (this may change as the schedule becomes more concrete). Note, this year a new 14th lab will be included, focusing on GPU technology.

1.    VMEbus programming – Markus Joos
2.    NIM – Francesca Pastore, Andrea Negri, Vincenzo Izzo
3.    NIM & Scintillator – Kostas Kordas, Roberto Ferrari
4.    Muon DAQ – Enrico Pasqualucci, Cristovao Beirao
5.    FPGA Basics – Dominique Gigi, Petr Zejdl
6.    MicroTCA – Hannes Sakulin, Marc Dobson
7.    LabView DAQ – Gary Boorman, Adriaan Rijllart
8.    ADC Basics for TDAQ – Manoel Barros Marin
9.    Network Programming – Fabrice Le Goff, Adam Abed Abud
10.    Microcontrollers – Mauricio Feo, Barthélémy von Haller
11.    Storage Systems – Paolo Durante, Tommaso Colombo, Niko Neufeld
12.    Control of DAQ Systems – Wojciech Brylinski, Danilo Cicalese
13.    SoC FPGA – Johannes Martin Wuthrich
14.    GPU Programming - Gianluca Lamanna