Apr 3 – 12, 2019
Royal Holloway, University of London
Europe/London timezone

Egham and London: Art, Culture and Nature

Visiting London

London needs no introduction as a vibrant global city. Here we will provide a guide for those wishing to sample what the city has to offer, from entertainment to food and tourism.

Buckingham Palace Skyline

Events in London this Weekend

Some guides for what to do in London this weekend can be found here and here.

If you are interested in sport, Sunday sees the annual running of the famous 'Boat Race' on the river Thames between Oxford and Cambridge University. The event is free to attend in most places, as you can just show up and watch from the side of the river. If you would like to go, you can find a guide on locations here.

Travel to/from London

The railway service from Egham to London looks to be going through maintenance on Sunday 7th, meaning trains will take up to an hour to reach London. You will also need to change trains during the journey. Some suggested routes and times for the morning can be found here:


Return options for the evening include:


A map showing the various walking routes from the Founder's building to the station is shown below.

Map to Egham Station

There is a ticket office staffed by a person in the station, they should be able to help you with more details. If the office is closed, you can use the automatic ticket machines (where you can pay with cash or credit/debit card). If buying a ticket to London with the machine you should select 'London Terminals' as your destination. In principle this machine should also allow you to buy a day ticket for all of London transport, but you can also buy another ticket at Waterloo. Note that London day travelcards are not valid to get back to Egham, as the London transport 'Zone' finishes at the station called 'Feltham'.

To plan your route around London, we recommend you download the Citymapper application to your phone. If you don't have access to mobile data, and wish to print out any maps, please ask the organisers about access to a printer.

Visiting the RHUL Local Area

The Egham area offers a lot of natural beauty, as well as sites of historical interest. Below you will find a description of some rural walking paths, for those who wish to take a short hike and explore the area.

An app is available to follow these routes on your phone. You can subscribe for free for a week.


RHUL To Airforces Memorial (search for: RHUL to Airforces Memorial)

Click here for map.

It is a short (2km) walk to the Air Forces memorial. You can ascend the tower and get a view over the Thames Valley.

RHUL To Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede and the Thames (search for: RHULToAirforceMemorialAndRunnymede)

Click here for map.

This is about 6 Km long. It starts with a visit to the Air Forces memorial, where you get a view over Thames Valley. You then descend into the valley to Runnymede (Where Magna Carta was signed). Then a short walk along the river and return to the college through the back gate.

RHUL to the Two Brewers (search for: RHUL to The Two Brewers)

Click here for map.

This goes from RHUL via Windsor Great Park to Windsor Castle. The two brewers is a nice pub very close to the Castle and is the prize to completing you walk.

The walk goes past the Totem Pole, Virginia Water, Smiths lawn (where polo is played on Thursday Evenings), then the Long Walk to the Castle.

The return is by the number 8 bus, which goes from outside St Johns Parish church in the High Street (200m from the two Brewers).

Virginia Water Lake and Forest
Virginia Water Virginia Water Walk


Runnymede and the Magna Carta Monument
Runnymede Magna Carta