Sep 15 – 28, 2019
Babeş-Bolyai University
Europe/Bucharest timezone

Fees & Payment


If you have received an Invitation Letter, you will be required to pay the School fee. The deadline for payment of the fee is:

Friday 5 July 2019

If you have been offered a place at the School and we have not received your fee by this date, you risk losing your place at the School and it being offered to another applicant.

School Fee

The total fee of the School is EUR 1200 per participant.

The fee covers:

  • Tuition.
  • Handouts and a welcome pack.
  • Accommodation from arrival day Sunday 15 September, to departure day Saturday 28 September.
  • All dinners from Sunday 15 September to Friday 27 September.
  • All lunches as well as coffee breaks from Monday 16 September to Friday 27 September.
  • All breakfasts from Monday 16 September to Saturday 28 September included.
  • All organized social activities (sport, excursions, special dinners, etc.) of which details will be given at a later time.

The fee does NOT cover:

  • Travel expenses from the participants' home location or working place to the School location in Cluj-Napoca and back.
  • The cost of a Romania visa when required.
  • Any extra cost incurred during the stay (including private excursions, private expenses in the hotel and on the campus, private transport costs, private meals, etc.).
  • Any cost incurred by a participant not following the official excursion or social programme (e.g. meal cost of a participant not attending an excursion which includes a meal).
  • Any other expenses not explicitly mentioned are not included in the fee.

The School will neither arrange accommodation nor will cover any cost associated to extended stay of the students in Cluj-Napoca. Participants arriving before Sunday 15 September or leaving after Saturday 28 September morning will have to organize themselves their extended stay. If you wish to stay at Napoca hotel before September 15 or after September 28, please book a room directly at Napoca hotel.

Financial support

In some cases (eg. applications from developing countries), applicants may be considered for financial support towards the School fee.

Please note that any consideration of support depends on your specific circumstances, as well as how many requests we receive. Therefore we cannot - and will not - provide you an estimate before you have applied to attend the School.

If you wish to make a request for financial support, please submit your complete CSC 2019 application, and send an e-mail to to make an official request, explaining why you wish to be considered for financial support.

Please note we are not able to consider an applicant's suitability or eligibility without a complete application, including the supporting Reference Letter from your professor or supervisor.

Method of payment

There are two ways to pay:

  • TID - for participants located at CERN and/or with CERN internal transfer capabilities.
  • Bank transfer - for participants external to CERN and/or with no CERN internal transfer capabilities.

TID and bank transfer details will be provided to accepted applicants in their Invitation Letters.