23-26 September 2019
Other Institutes
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Scientific Programme

The programme of the conference is organized to host around 65 talks, divided in the following categories:

  • Plenary talks from 12 invited speakers (duration: 45 minutes)
  • Selected talks from senior participants (duration: 30-40 minutes)
  • Student talks during the "Doctoral Students Workshop in Cosmology" from selected Ph.D. students (duration: 20 minutes)
  • Two Parallel sessions per day, except on the last day (duration: 20 minutes)

There will also be a poster session if the number of abstracts will be above our talk time capabilities. The oral presentations will be selected (up to max. 20) by the Scientific Committee.

A more detailed plan can be accessed by cliking here.

  • Plenary Sessions

    • S. Capozziello “Cosmography as a tool to discriminate between modified gravity and dark energy”
    • Joseph Conlon “String Compactifications and the Swampland”
    • Jan de Boer “Gravity and quantum information”
    • Jacques Delabrouille “Constraining gravitation with CMB observations”
    • Jose Antonio Font “Universal relations for gravitational-wave asteroseismology of proto-neutron stars”
    • Yongge Ma “Loop quantum scalar-tensor gravity and its cosmological implication”
    • Hermann Nicolai “K(E10) and Standard Model Physics”
    • Tsvi Piran “Lessons from GW170817, what did we see, what caused it and what can we expect in the coming future”
    • Jorge Pullin “Loop quantum gravity: developments and recent results”
    • Vivien Raymond “Gravitational Waves Observations by LIGO and Virgo”
    • Masaru Shibata “Merger and mass ejection for neutron star binaries”
    • Massimo Tinto “Space-based gravitational wave observations in the mid-band frequency region”
  • Selected Talks

    • K. Bolejko “Searching for non-Riemannian signatures in cosmological data”
    • A. Janiuk “Magnetized jests launched from accreting black holes after the neutron star merger”
    • I. Kanatchikov “On the precanonical structure of the Schroedinger wave functional in curved space-time”
    • T. Lee “Canonical quantization of massive symmetric rank-two tensor in string theory”
    • S. Robles-Perez “Quantum creation of a universe-antiuniverse pair”
  • Student's talks

    • B. Kiczek “ Holographic SQUID and detection of dark matter”
    • P. Klimasara “Topologically supported cosmological constant”
    • M. Kolanowski “Anti-evaporation of Schwarzschild-deSitter black hole revisited”
    • J. Lankinen “Decaying massive scalar in the early universe”
    • A. Miroszewski „Quantum Big-Bounce scenario and primordial gravitational waves”
    • S. Naqvi „Gravitational wave memory effect”
    • A. Nilsson “Antisymmetric tensors in Friedmann cosmology”
    • F. Wagner “Uncertainty in the presence of horizons”
  • Parallel Sessions

    • V. Ambrus „Quantum corrections in rigidly-rotating thermal states on anti-deSitter space”
    • M. Artymowski „Simple SUGRA inflation”
    • A. Chudecki „Conformally recurrent heavenly spaces”
    • B. Cuadros-Melger „Instability of aRNAdS black hole under perturbations of a scalar field coupled to Einstein tensor”
    • D. Dobkowski-Ryłko “The solution to the Petrov type D equation on the non-trivial bundle topology and its embedability”
    • W. Dyba „Modelling general-relativistic disc in OJ287”
    • R. Durka „New insight into Taub-NUT spacetime”
    • G. Farrugia „Solutions in teleparallel gravity: gravitomagnetism and rotational effects”
    • M. Flory „Discrete scale invarinace in holography revisited”
    • J. Garecki „Riemannian geometry imposed on Friedmann and more general spacetimes”
    • J. Gizbert-Studnicki „Quantum gravity on a torus – an update”
    • K. Głód „1+1+2 covariant formulation of light propagation in cosmological models”
    • W. Kulczycki „Mass, density and circumferential radius in general-relativistic
      Keplerian disks around black holes”
    • R. Konoplya „Black hole mimickers and echoes from compact objects”
    • P. Mach „Magnetized self-gravitating tori around black holes”
    • P. Małkiewicz „Curvature perturbations in quantum cosmological spacetimes”
    • K. Marosek „Strength of singularities in varying constants theories”
    • J. Mielczarek “Quantum cosmology with compact phase space”
    • A. Nakonieczna „Multidimensional dynamics of the brane-dilaton black hole system”
    • Ł. Nakonieczny „Top-down approach to the curved spacetime effective field theory (cEFT) and examples”
    • D. Nemeth „Massline and other recent results of CDT quantum gravity”
    • M. Ortaggio “Universal black holes”
    • J. Ostrowski “Relativistic Lagrangian perturbation theory in spherical symmetry”
    • I. Palit „Accretion in a dynamical spacetime and the spinning up of the black hole in collapsars”
    • V. Pravda “Static, spherically symmetric black holes in quadratic gravity”
    • N. Riahi “ On the relation between the canonical Hamilton-Jacobi equation and the De Donder-Weyl Hamilton-Jacobi formulation in general relativity”
    • V. Salzano “Breaking the Vainshtein Screening in Clusters of Galaxies”
    • S. Sikora „Construction of the cosmological model with periodically distributed dust inhomogeneities with growing amplitude”
    • T. Smołka „Conserved quantities related to (3+1) decomposition of CYK tensors”
    • A. Suvorov „Perturbations of Kerr metric in modified gravity”
    • S. Szybka „Standing gravitational waves”
    • J. Toniato “Solar system constraints on polynomial class of Palatini f(R) gravity”
    • T. Trześniewski “Hopf-algebraic deformations of 3d spacetime symmetries”
    • M. Wiatr „Fierz theory vs linear gravity”
    • A. Wojnar „Palatini stars”
    • D. Yoshida “Spacetime singularities in inflationary universes”