Jul 1 – 5, 2019
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Gravitational wave energy budget in strongly supercooled phase transitions

Jul 1, 2019, 9:45 AM
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw

conference hall 0.03, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw ul. Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warszawa Poland
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Marek Lewicki (Kings College London)


I will discuss efficiency factors for the production of gravitational waves through bubble collisions and plasma-related sources in strong phase transitions, and the conditions under which the bubble collisions can contribute significantly to the signal. I will also show that generically the sound-wave period is much shorter than a Hubble time leading to a reduction of GW signal produced by sound waves and possibly suggesting a significant amplification of the turbulence-sourced signal. I will illustrate our findings in two examples, the Standard Model with an extra $|H|^6$ interaction and a classically scale-invariant $U(1)_{\rm B-L}$ extension of the Standard Model. The contribution to the GW spectrum from bubble collisions is found to be negligible in the $|H|^6$ model, whereas it can play an important role in parts of the parameter space in the scale-invariant $U(1)_{\rm B-L}$ model.

Primary author

Marek Lewicki (Kings College London)

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