June 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019
Europe/Warsaw timezone
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Slow Control System '19

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The goal of the Slow Control System 2019
is to implement real (physical) electronic circuits built as a part of the Slow Control System for the NICA-MPD detector. Students supervised by experts (supervisors) will create advanced electronic systems that are a part of the Slow Control System for NICA-MPD. They will program these systems in NI LabView, perform their tests and measurements.

At the end of the practice
each Student will prepare a final presentation, which will be the basis of his / her lecture during the seminar in one of its final days - presumably 27th or 28th July 2019 for the 1st Stage Students.  Lecture preparation is a requirement to finish the practice. The language of instruction during the seminar is English.

Practically every day of the Internship 
we start with a lecture. Aim of those lectures is to introduce participants to the issues we deal with at the JINR within the topic of the Slow Control for NICA-MPD.  A complementary goal is to organize and consolidate this knowledge and to provide students with a minimum of engineering and technical knowledge, including health and safety regulations.

Interns will take part in several scientific excursions,
planned within JINR Laboratories. These trips should allow students to acquire a knowledge of the research capabilities of the Institute as well as applied solutions and technologies.  Interns will gain practical knowledge of what are major research projects in the high energy physics.

Students will take part in several trips around Russia.
It is planned to include trip to Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. We plan to visit there, among others, Red Square and the Kremlin. Other trips are also planned, usually as weekend activities combining sightseeing with integration of the group. Traditionally, in the program for groups from Poland, there is a trip to Tver and Miednoje, as places of mass executions of Poles (officers, intelligentsia and officials) captured in September 1939, then murdered in Tver and buried in Miednoje.