Directed flow of pions, kaons and protons in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} $= 54.4 GeV in STAR

4 Nov 2019, 17:40
Wanda Han Show Theatre & Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Wanda Han Show Theatre & Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Poster Presentation Collective dynamics and final state interaction Poster Session


Shaoqiu Fan (Central China Normal University)


Rapidity-odd component of directed flow ($v_{1}$) measurement at various beam energy gives a new insight on the properties of the medium created in heavy-ion collisions. Both hydrodynamic and nuclear transport models indicate that $v_{1}$(y) is sensitive to the details of expansion during the early stages of collision fireball. In this poster, we will present directed flow ($v_{1}$) as a function of rapidity of identified particles ($\pi^{+}$, $\pi^{-}$, $K^{+}$, $K^{+}$, $p$ and $\bar{p}$) at 54.4 GeV in Au+Au collisions at RHIC-STAR. The $v_{1}$(y) slope will be discussed and compared with results from Beam Energy Scan I.

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