Sequential Hadronization with Charm Conservation in High Energy Nuclear Collisions

5 Nov 2019, 11:40
Ball Room 3 (Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel)

Ball Room 3

Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Oral Presentation Heavy flavor and quarkonium Parallel Session - Heavy Flavor I


Jiaxing zhao


Heavy quarks are initially produced in nuclear collisions and the number is conserved during the evolution of the system. We establish a sequential coalescence model with charm conservation and apply it to charmed hadron production at RHIC and LHC energies. The charm conservation enhances the earlier formed hadrons and reduces the later formed ones, which leads to a $D_s/D^0$ enhancement and a $\Lambda_c/D^0$ suppression. The mass dependence of the sequential hadron formation provides us a new tool for studying the quark-gluon plasma hadronization in high energy nuclear collisions. In the meantime, we have extend this framework to study the $D_s/D^0$ and $\Lambda_c/D^0$ at high baryon density regions.

Primary author


Shuzhe SHI (Indiana University) Pengfei Zhuang (Tsinghua University)

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