Bottomonia Suppression in Heavy-Ion Collisions from AdS/CFT

4 Nov 2019, 17:40
Wanda Han Show Theatre & Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Wanda Han Show Theatre & Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Poster Presentation Heavy flavor and quarkonium Poster Session


Nadia Barnard (University of Cape Town)


We compute for the first time the suppression of bottomonia in a strongly coupled QGP and compare the results to those from a weakly coupled QGP and to data. Using imaginary time techniques we numerically determine the real and imaginary parts of the binding energy of $\Upsilon$(1S) in (complex) potentials derived from AdS/CFT and from pQCD. We confirm the strong coupling binding energies by independently deriving the meson spectrum in AdS/CFT using semiclassical, rotating open strings.

We then implement the complex binding energies in a suppression model to determine the $\Upsilon$(1S) nuclear modification factor in $\sqrt{s}_{NN}=2.76$ TeV Pb+Pb collisions. The simplest strong-coupling, $p_T$-independent potential leads to a significant oversuppression of $\Upsilon$(1S) compared to data while the results from the pQCD-derived potential are consistent with data. Lastly, we investigate the consequences of the different velocity dependencies of potential models on the bottomonia $R_{AA}(p_T)$.

Primary author

Nadia Barnard (University of Cape Town)


William Alexander Horowitz (University of Cape Town (ZA))

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