Parallel Session - Small systems I

5 Nov 2019, 08:40
Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

No. 138 Donghu Road, Shuiguohu Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan, China


Parallel Session - Small systems I

  • Federico Antinori (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT))

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Dr Cheng Zhang (Key Laboratory of Quark and Lepton Physics (MOE) and Institute of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University & Key Laboratory of Particle Physics and Particle Irradiation (MOE), Institute of frontier and interdisciplinary science, Shandong University)
05/11/2019, 10:20
Small systems
Oral Presentation

The particular azimuthal angular correlation between a heavy meson and a light hadron has first been measured at the LHC recently. In this two particle correlation method, the experimental results show that the elliptic flows for heavy-flavor mesons (J/psi and D^0) are almost as large as those for light hadrons. We investigate the angular correlation between a heavy quarkonium and a charged...

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