Jul 15 – 17, 2019
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Europe/Madrid timezone


The WEMS-2019 conference is just around the corner and most of you will arrive on Sunday to Bilbao. The best place to have a couple of beers and dinner on Sundays in Bilbao is the Old Town. There are some bars opened until almost midnight where one can have some pinchos to and to dine in restaurants as well. In order to get together, we can meet in "Unamuno Plaza" at 19:30 pm:

Miguel Unamuno Plaza

In the Miguel Unamuno Square there is a metro exit of the Old Town station. The most convenient way to reach Miguel Unamuno Square is, of course, by metro (subway). 


Get off the subway in "Zazpikaleak/ Casco Viejo" station. Then, there are two different exits. Just go to the one indicating "Unamuno Plaza" and that's it.

In the attached picture, you can see the aerial picture of the old town:

There are many bars over "Nueva Plaza", "Pilota Kalea", "Santa Maria Kalea", "Jardines Kalea" and "Txakur Kalea" (marked with <3 in red). Although there are more bars, these streets are the best for eat something.