Mar 9 – 13, 2020
Guadeloupe Islands
America/Guadeloupe timezone

This is the 3rd World Summit meeting, following the second one organized in Guadeloupe Islands (June 2018) and the first one organized in Galapagos Islands (June 2006).

The main goal is to discuss progress and future directions related to outstanding issues, both in Cosmology and in Particle Physics. The successes and shortcomings of the Standard Cosmological model as well as the Standard Particle Physics model will be reviewed through the last astrophysical observations and accelerator experiment results.

We hope that original ideas will emerge form the discussions between theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists.

This conference is supported by the association Physique-Outremer


Guadeloupe Islands
University of Antilles (Amphi Merault) 97157 Pointe-à-Pitre

Scientific programme

  • Dark Matter

  • Dark Energy

  • Neutrino Cosmology

  • Gravity and Modified Gravity

  • Gravitational Waves

  • Multi-messenger Astronomy

  • Primordial Universe, Inflation and CMB

  • Tension between the Early and the Late Universe


Advisory Committee

  • Barry C. Barish (Caltech, USA)

  • François Bouchet (IAP, Paris)

  • Laura Baudis (UZH, Switzerland)

  • Françoise Combes (LERMA, Paris)

  • Paul Grannis (University of Stony Brook, USA)

  • Karl Jakobs (University of Freiburg, Germany)

  • Takaaki Kajita (University of Tokyo, Japan)

  • Renata Kallosh (Stanford University, USA)

  • Andrei Linde (Stanford University, USA)

  • Hugh Montgomery (Jefferson Lab, USA)

  • Carlos Montúfar (USFQ, Ecuador)

  • Adam Riess (John Hopkins University, USA)

  • Katsuo Tokushuku (KEK, Japan)


Organizing Committee

  • Xavier Bertou (CNEA, Argentina)

  • Betty Calpas (DESY, Germany)

  • Laurent Chevalier (CEA Saclay, France)

  • Hélène Courtois (IPNL, France)

  • Marian Douspis (IAS, France)

  • Gilles Gerbier (Queen's University, Canada)

  • Bruce Hoeneisen (USFQ, Ecuador)

  • Marine Kuna (LPSC, France)

  • Bjoern Penning (University of Brandeis, USA)

  • Pierre Pétroff (LAL, France )

  • Christophe Royon (KU, USA)

  • Aaron Vincent (Queen's University, Canada)

  • Matthieu Vivier (CEA Saclay, France)


Local Committee

  • Rudy Calif (UA, Guadeloupe)

  • Manuel Clergue (UA, Guadeloupe)

  • Mariette Dino (UA, Guadeloupe)

  • Alain Piétrus (UA, Guadeloupe)

  • Sylviane Wernert-Pétroff  (Physique-Outremer)


Supporting Institutions 


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