Oct 21 – 25, 2019
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α, β, γ radiation monitoring in the working area of the MPD Slow Control electronic equipment.

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Centrum Zaawansowanych Materiałów i Technologii CEZAMAT

Centrum Zaawansowanych Materiałów i Technologii CEZAMAT

Poleczki 19, 02-822 Warszawa, Polska
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Ms Alicja JakubowskaMs Marta RobakMs Anita Zagrobelna


Project focuses on α, β, γ radiation monitoring. Firstly, three Gamma-Scout detectors were tested if the measurements taken in the same location are equal within 5% uncertainty. Next, detectors where moved to three different locations. Data collected from those locations in three available working modes (detection of γ, β+γ and α+β+γ radiation) was analyzed to determine potential influence of the rack’s case on radiation levels. Also, based on received data of radioactive sources (Eu-152 and Thorium) tested using Radateh photoelectronic detector three spectrograms were generated and compared, to conclude best utility of each type of detector. Further tasks involved developing software for a self-built Geiger-Müller counter using NI myDAQ and LabVIEW environment.

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