Feb 24 – 28, 2020
Karpacz, Poland
Europe/Berlin timezone

First circular

Dear Colleagues

We are pleased to announce the Ph. D. school  Superfluidity and transport for multimessenger physics of compact stars which will take place in Karpacz, Poland, February 23- 29, 2020. 

Understanding the multimessenger physics of neutron stars requires a good knowledge not only the equation of state of their interiors but in addition an array of quantities and phenomena associated with the transport in their interiors and effects of superfluidity. These include: 

1. The oscillation spectrum of neutron stars, their damping, and emission of gravitational waves, that can be potentially observed in the near future.

2. The phenomena of glitches and their relaxations and other dynamical transient phenomena in rotational behavior of pulsars and accreting neutron stars.

3. Long-term cooling of neutron stars, the short-term thermal evolution in accreting systems, and the post-merger phase of neutron star coalescence.

4. Magnetic field evolution of isolated neutron stars and neutron star binaries, the dissipative MHD description of short-time-scale phenomena such as neutron star mergers.

These and related topics will be addressed from the perspective of understanding of transport and superfluidity in various contexts related to neutron stars. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Karpacz!