Gravitational Wave Probes of Fundamental Physics

from Monday, November 11, 2019 (12:30 PM) to Wednesday, November 13, 2019 (4:00 PM)
Volkshotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Riet)

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Nov 11, 2019
Nov 12, 2019
Nov 13, 2019
9:00 AM
Overview talks (until 10:00 AM) (Riet)
9:00 AM Cosmological Tests of Gravity with Gravitational Waves - Tessa Baker (Queen Mary University of London)   (Riet)
9:30 AM New prospects in numerical relativity - helvi witek (KCL)   (Riet)
10:00 AM
Discussion (until 11:00 AM) (Riet)
10:00 AM Discussion session: numerics - Ms Amelia Drew (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge) Tim Dietrich (Nikhef) Serguei Ossokine helvi witek (KCL) Masha Okounkova (Flatiron Institute)   (Riet)
11:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:30 AM
Short talks (until 12:15 PM) (Riet)
11:30 AM Binary black holes beyond general relativity - Masha Okounkova (Flatiron Institute)   (Riet)
11:45 AM Radiation from Global Topological Strings using Adaptive Mesh Refinement - Ms Amelia Drew (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge)   (Riet)
12:00 PM Cross-correlation of the astrophysical gravitational-wave background with galaxy clustering - Omar Contigiani (Leiden University)   (Riet)
9:00 AM
Overview talks (until 10:00 AM) (Riet)
9:00 AM Clarifying the Hubble Constant Tension - Stephen Feeney (University College London)   (Riet)
9:30 AM Phase Transitions, Dark Sectors and Gravitational Waves - Pedro Klaus Schwaller (Mainz University)   (Riet)
10:00 AM
Discussion (until 11:00 AM) (Riet)
10:00 AM Discussion session: cosmology - Archisman Ghosh (Nikhef) Suvodip Mukherjee Maria Sakellariadou (University of London (GB)) Neal Dalal Andrew Tolley (Imperial College London)   (Riet)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM
Short talks (until 12:15 PM) (Riet)
11:30 AM Gravitational Waves signatures from collisions of exotic compact objects - Eugene Lim   (Riet)
11:45 AM Probing the Early and Late Universe with the Gravitational-Wave Background - Mr Alexander Jenkins (King's College London)   (Riet)
12:00 PM Massive black hole binaries in the cosmos - Marta Volonteri   (Riet)
12:30 PM --- Check-in ---
1:00 PM Welcome - Gianfranco Bertone   (Riet)
1:10 PM
Overview talks (until 2:10 PM) (Riet)
1:10 PM Dense matter equation of state constraints from NICER - Anna Watts   (Riet)
1:40 PM Gravitational-wave echoes - Paolo Pani   (Riet)
2:10 PM
Short talks (until 2:25 PM) (Riet)
2:10 PM Gravitational Collider Physics - John Stout (University of Amsterdam)   (Riet)
2:25 PM
Discussion (until 3:25 PM) (Riet)
2:25 PM Discussion session: particle physics around black holes   (Riet)
3:25 PM --- Coffee break ---
3:55 PM
Short talks (until 4:40 PM) (Riet)
3:55 PM Fundamental and Gravitational Wave Science with Pulsar Timing - Siyuan Chen (NRT Nancay, CNRS Orleans, France)   (Riet)
4:10 PM Dark Energy Instabilities induced by Gravitational Waves - Giovanni Tambalo (SISSA)   (Riet)
4:25 PM Constraining the speed of gravity using astrometric measurements - Deyan Mihaylov (University of Cambridge)   (Riet)
4:40 PM
Four corners discussion (until 5:40 PM) (Riet)
7:00 PM --- Welcome reception ---
12:15 PM
Lightning talks (until 12:30 PM) (Riet)
12:15 PM Extreme Dark Matter Tests with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals - Dr Otto Hannuksela (Nikhef)   (Riet)
12:20 PM Gravity waves from ALP dark matter fragmentation - Aleksandr Chatrchyan (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University)   (Riet)
12:25 PM Detecting Gauged $L_\mu-L_\tau$ using Neutron Star Binaries - Dr Ranjan Laha (CERN)   (Riet)
12:30 PM --- Walking lunch ---
2:00 PM
Overview talks (until 3:00 PM) (Riet)
2:00 PM Hearing the sirens of the early Universe: Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Waves - Bradley Kavanagh (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)   (Riet)
2:30 PM Simulating black hole dynamics and gravitational wave emission in galactic-scale simulations - Peter Johansson (University of Helsinki)   (Riet)
3:00 PM
Discussion (until 4:00 PM) (Riet)
3:00 PM Discussion session: primordial black holes - Ryan Magee (Pennsylvania State University) A. Kalaja Sébastien Clesse (Catholic University of Louvain) Florian Kühnel (Stockholm University) Dr Subodh Patil (Niels Bohr Institute (DK))   (Riet)
4:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:30 PM
Short talks (until 5:30 PM) (Riet)
4:30 PM A Unique Multi-Messenger Probe of QCD Axion Dark Matter - Thomas Edwards (University of Amsterdam)   (Riet)
4:45 PM Novel signatures of dark matter in laser-interferometric gravitational-wave detectors - Dr Yevgeny Stadnik (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)   (Riet)
5:00 PM Gravitational Wave Detection at low frequency with Atom Interferometry - Andrea Bertoldi (Institut d'Optique)   (Riet)
5:15 PM Black holes in string theory and observations - Bert Vercnocke (KU Leuven)   (Riet)
6:30 PM --- Workshop dinner (Restaurant De Tropen) ---
12:15 PM
Lightning talks (until 12:30 PM) (Riet)
12:15 PM Audible Axions - Wolfram Ratzinger (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)   (Riet)
12:20 PM Gravitational waves and collider probes of extended Higgs sectors - Maria Ramos (LIP)   (Riet)
12:25 PM Dark, Cold, and Noisy: Constraining Secluded Hidden Sectors with Gravitational Waves - Moritz Breitbach (University Mainz)   (Riet)
12:30 PM --- Walking Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Lightning talks (until 2:10 PM) (Riet)
2:00 PM NANOGrav: progress toward detecting a SMBHB stochastic background - Dan Stinebring (Oberlin College)   (Riet)
2:05 PM Primordial Gravitational Waves from Modified Gravity and Cosmology - Anish Ghoshal (L)   (Riet)
2:10 PM
Overview talks (until 2:40 PM) (Riet)
2:10 PM Gravitational probes of exotic compact objects - Dr Djuna Croon (TRIUMF)   (Riet)
2:40 PM
Four corners discussion (until 3:00 PM) (Riet)
3:00 PM Wrap-up talk - Vítor Cardoso (IST)   (Riet)