Muon Collider Workshop

40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson (CERN)

40/S2-A01 - Salle Anderson


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The Workshop will be held at CERN from Wednesday 9th October h 14 to Friday 11th October 2019 h 14 inclusive.
During the closing phase of the Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics we would like to reconvene and try to better coordinate the renewed efforts on future studies for a muon collider facility. In the contest described by the freshly published Briefing Book ( we would like to address key challenges, past and new ideas on the main areas where work is in progress: machine, physics and detector. The plans towards a collider with muons will be also discussed at the upcoming Plenary ECFA meeting at CERN on November 2019.

A multi-TeV muon collider, if feasible, is a unique discovery machine and the best tool to fully study the Higgs potential.

A Strategy proposal to support and enlarge the European and International community  working on muon colliders has been submitted for valuation to be part of the final Innovation Pilot project call  INFRAINNOV-04-2020 that will be open in November 2019 by the European Commission. The MUST - MUon colliders STrategy network - aims to get together and organize the effort to design a muon collider facility and to perform the required R&D.

The meeting aims to get experts and anybody who is interested to discuss the physics benchmarks, the detector simulation,  the machine design and the technology issues towards a feasible R&D plan, to start concrete actions to better organize the future steps and address priorities on key issues.

This will be the ideal environment to form the proto-collaboration to address the most challenging and crucial items of the field.


  • Alain Blondel
  • Alessandra Cappati
  • Alessandro Variola
  • Alexej Grudiev
  • Andrea Coccaro
  • Andrea Mazzolari
  • Angela Papa
  • Antonio Bianchi
  • Barbara Mele
  • Brennan Goddard
  • Carlo Rossi
  • Carlo Rubbia
  • Chris Rogers
  • Christian Carli
  • Claudio Torregrosa Martin
  • Daniel Schulte
  • Daniele Del Re
  • Dario Buttazzo
  • David Amorim
  • Delia Salmieri
  • Donatella Lucchesi
  • Emilio Radicioni
  • Erk Jensen
  • Eugenio Senes
  • Fabio Anulli
  • Fausto Casaburo
  • Federica Maria Simone
  • Francesca Galluccio
  • francesco bertinelli
  • Francesco Collamati
  • Franck Peauger
  • Frank Gerigk
  • Fulvio Tessarotto
  • George Smirnov
  • Gian Luigi D'Alessandro
  • Gianluigi Arduini
  • Giulia Di Gregorio
  • Giulia Tuci
  • Guillaume Jonathan Rosaz
  • Igor Syratchev
  • Jacopo Pinzino
  • Jean-Pierre DELAHAYE
  • Johannes Bernhard
  • Jorgen D'Hondt
  • Karolos Potamianos
  • Ken Long
  • Laura Buonincontri
  • Lenny Rivkin
  • Livio Verra
  • Lorenzo Sestini
  • Luca Micheletti
  • Lucia Silvestris
  • Ludovico Tortora
  • Marcello Rotondo
  • Marco Zanetti
  • Maria Enrica Biagini
  • Mark Palmer
  • Maurizio Bonesini
  • Maurizio Vretenar
  • Mauro Taborelli
  • Michele Morvillo
  • Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny
  • Nadia Pastrone
  • Nazar Bartosik
  • olivier brunner
  • Oscar Roberto BLANCO-GARCIA
  • Paola Sala
  • Raymond Veness
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Roger Ruber
  • Sergio Calatroni
  • Shahram Rahatlou
  • Shinji Machida
  • Simon Albright
  • Simone Gennai
  • Stefano D'Angelo
  • Stefano Levorato
  • Steffen Doebert
  • Susanna Guiducci
  • Tristan du Pree
  • umberto dosselli
  • Vladimir Shiltsev
  • Walter Scandale
  • Xavier Buffat
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