7-10 September 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone
20. konference českých a slovenských fyziků


7 Sep 2020, 16:35
lecture hall N1 (IMPAKT)

lecture hall N1



Weis M.


Organic semiconductors are a broad family of organic molecular materials that exhibit certain
properties similar to inorganic semiconductors. Interestingly, molecular materials show only
weak forces between the molecules which gives an opportunity of new deposition methods.
The low-temperature evaporation in a vacuum is applicable for various small molecules,
whereas “wet technologies” using organic material solubility in solvents are famous of large
molecules and polymers. The thin-film fabrication technology is not only unique property of
these materials; organic semiconductors exhibit semiconducting properties even without any
doping. Hence, the organic semiconductors do not represent only alternative semiconducting
materials, but it is also an exciting challenge for electronics and device physics. It has been
found that the semiconducting properties have different microscopic origin than the inorganic
materials even though the macroscopic behaviour is sometimes almost identical. Interestingly,
in contrast with very first ideas researcher commented that “organic semiconductors” can be
misleading term and suggests to call these materials “organic semi-insulators” but it is too late
for such a correction. Actually, it is fascinating to state “Yes, it works, but we are still not sure

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