28 July 2020 to 6 August 2020
virtual conference
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Constraining dark matter-neutrino interactions with IceCube-170922A

30 Jul 2020, 11:00
virtual conference

virtual conference

Talk 02. Neutrino Physics Neutrino Physics


Mr Jongkuk Kim


Astrophysical neutrinos travel long distances from their sources to the Earth traversing dark matter halos of clusters of galaxies and that of our own Milky Way. The interaction of neutrinos with dark matter may affect the flux of neutrinos. The recent multimessenger observation of a high energy neutrino, IceCube-170922A, can give a robust upper bound $σ/M_{dm} \leq 5.1 × 10^{−23} {\rm cm^2/GeV}$ on the interaction between neutrino and dark matter at a neutrino energy of 290 TeV allowing 90% suppression. Combining the constraints from cosmic microwave background and Large Scale Structure at different neutrino energies, we can constrain models of dark matter-neutrino interactions.

Primary authors

Carsten Rott (Sungkyunkwan University) Mr Jongkuk Kim Ki-Young Choi (Sungkyunkwan University (KR))

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